Liannon Map
Map of Liannon
Vital statistics
Type forest
Level 1-5
Location Northander, Fiara
Inhabitants Human, Goblin

Liannon is a small island with a mild climate and fertile lowlands. It is the only country that still belongs to the once proud House of Leonidar.


Liannon is quite small, but full of interesting places. In the centre of the country is a small village, where Darius Servil lives. In the north is a hill, inhabited by goblins and their leader, Burgle the Ripper. Just under the hill stands the old house of the old elven Shan Muir family. In the east of the country, there is an old mine, haunted by the ghosts of the party of Udwin, who once went into the realm of the Demons; the Braga Gor, but never returned. And in the western part of the island, near the road leading to Eloni, stand the houses of old war veterans.


Liannon is like a crossroad between several different countries:

  • Greyfell - lies to the south
  • Eloni - is behind the north-western portal
  • Shiel - lies to the east


Despite being a small country, Liannon is the home of many interesting characters. Their list is here:

Except of them, there are three traders and several named goblins: Snarf, Gnaff, Klingzog and Burgle the Ripper.

Things to attackEdit

As already mentioned above, Liannon offers a wide variety of goblins, that can be killed. Except of them, you can find several bandits roaming through the country. And be aware of ghosts of warriors - after death they are even more dangerous, than during life.


Liannon is definitely not rich in iron or stone, but its fertile soils are like gold for lush vegetation. There are many trees for building and fruit for eating. The forests are filled with animals and the calm river flowing through Liannon is full of fish.

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