The Lich King Ankthar was a powerful mage of the order of the Zerbites before being defeated and enslaved by rune magic by Hokan Ashir.


The Lich are already captains amongst the gray hordes, dead spirits of great magicians and kings. But even among them Ankthar was one of the greatest liches.

He was one of the seven rulers of the Zerbites, from which Hokan Ashir stole the secret of the Bone Temple during his time as an apprentice in the order of the Zerbites.

With his new-found knowledge Hokan Ashir defeated Ankthar and his fellow Zerbites and forged his trapped spirit to a Rune.

He thus forced his enemy to serve him as a powerful mind mage because the knowledge Ankthar has achieved during his livetime as preserved even as an undead rune slave.


Rune Stats

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