In SpellForce 2: Shadow Wars you will get various quest in a map called Westguard. They tell you to get Clays and Limestones. You will need 10 Limestones and 10 Clays to finish all of those quests. This is the list over the 14 limestones you can get:

Limestones (14):

  • 2x Needle, buried mine, southern part, in carts.
  • 1x Needle, in the buried mine, northern part, near the last ramp, on the floor to the left.
  • 1x Gate of Swords, northern Clan base, behind the headquarter building.
  • 1x Gate of Swords, south of the main Clan base, in the chest left of the fighting arena.
  • 1x Gate of Swords, next to the Oracle on Oracle Hill, west on the map.
  • 1x Uram Gor, far northeast of the life altar.
  • 1x Uram Gor, near the northern map border, left behind Tzang, in the ruin of a house.
  • 1x Uram Gor, some way southeast from the travel stone "Burning City", near the eastern city wall.
  • 1x Uram Gor, eastern undead camp, near the quarry.
  • 1x Fireforge, eastern way around the forge, in the south in front of a mine entrance.
  • 1x Fireforge, western way around the forge, in the south in front of a mine entrance.
  • 1x Magnet Stones, Skull City, chest near the northern city wall.
  • 1x Magnet Stones, northern mine, chest near the northern map border.

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