Gabar is a novice in the Order in Greyfell but is being troubled by difficult tasks given to him by his master, Tanard. The poor boy needs help to be able to continue his apprenticeship.

1st task: Tanard's Eyeglasses

A thief has stolen Tanard's eyeglasses. Gabar must return them to him, or his master will deduct the cost of them from his wages. The thief has taken the valuable eyeglasses to the mountains near Greyfell. You must find and defeat him there. When bringing back the eyeglasses to Gabar he will be thankful for helping him.

2nd task: A Magic Quill

After having helped him with the glasses Tanard revealed that he has ruined his masters quill. However a special quill is required. After having defeated the Scribe's ghost in From the Deep the Rune warrior was able to get her hands on a talindan writing quill.

3rd task: Conjurer's Chalk

Another request from Gabar was related to some kind of chalk that was used for summonings. This chalk was found in Leafshade at the orc shaman Gulkar next to the summoning circle by the rune warrior. Upon bringing it to Gabar he was again very thankful to the rune warrior.

4rd task: Tanard's worn robe

The last task by Gabar was regarding his master's old robe which was in rags. After the rune warrior brought it to Tanara the seamstress she then revealed she needed a special spider silk to fix it. The silk was found by the rune warrior in the northern windwall mountains at a giant spider in the south-west. Bringing Gabar the clothes will make him very happy and the rune warrior will be given another strong boost in experience.