Marksman IconMarksman profile
A Marksman.
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Resources Needed 35 Wood, 15 Iron
Buildings Needed Forge, Shooting Range
Weapons Crossbow
Weapon Damage 12-17
Attack Speed 75%
Armorclass 140
Magic None
Upgrades Double Crossbow, allows firing at 2 enemies in one shot, but lowers attack speed to 70%

The Marksman is a strong ranged unit, being much stronger than the Scout. The Double Crossbow upgrade makes him deadly against large groups, especially when combined with a Cleric.


Spellforce 2 Edit

The friendship the Soul Carrier built up with the Morhir, the fighting elves from Dun Mora, gave the Shaikan the opportunity to learn some of the elves' arts of archery. Taught by Ylia, the ambassadress of the Morhir, the marksmen of the Shaikan do not use inaccurate arrow clouds to force their enemies into cover. Even if their number on the battle field seems ridiculously small, each of their arrows will reach its target and demand its price in the ranks of the enemy. Equipped with special bows the marksmen even master the art of the multiple shot, an archery technique that enables them to take out several enemies with just one shot of their bow.

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