Master Matricus was the leader of the town of Lyraine. He protected the city when it was under attack by the orcs of the mountains close-by. He asked the Soul Carrier for help and gave him the full-command over his troops. After the Shaikan successfully obliterated the wild orcs camp, he gave the Soul Carrier a letter for King Ulf and sent him to Sevenkeeps to ask for help for the Shaikan of the Iron Fields.


Master Matricus is a member of the Order of Dawn known from SpellForce: The Order of Dawn. Since SpellForce 2 is set in the Highmark, the order is of a different branch than the order of Urias and Sartarius and was not impacted by the obliteration of the Order of Dawn at the Frost Marshes and the Southern Godmark.

He also was responsible for developing the Realms taming of the Gryphons. He was able to enlist them together with some mental mages to boost the ranks of the Realm army in SpellForce 2.

Quest Involvement


Master Matricus is a trained fire mage and capable of fighting with Fireball spells that are far more damaging than any fireball spell of units of a similar level. But even without magic, he is a great fighter due to his high armor rating and his high physical damage.