Mechlan was a human mage and a former servant of the circle in SpellForce: The Order of Dawn.


After the rune warrior had arrived at the Godwall, she was confronted by the Briarwolves, a bunch of mercenaries. These fighters terrorized the local villagers on behalf of the mage Mechlan, who searched for a long-forgotten artefact of the circle. The future Phoenix Bearer was able to defeat the mercenaries and to liberate the island.

In Mulandir the rune warrior then met with the Guardian, a mysterious individual, who supposedly was keeping the Phoenix Stone. The rune warrior wished to get said stone to have weapon to fight the Dark One, but the Guardian wished to get the four time shards before handing over the artefact.

After the rune warrior had brought the stones to the Guardian, he first attempted to hand over a fake Phoenix Stone but he was discovered. He then was revealed to be Mechlan, the circle servant, who then turned on the future Phoenix Bearer. She hunted Mechlan down and after having dealt with all illusions created by Mechlan, she finally got the true Phoenix Stone. For his crimes she then had the opportunity to make Mechlan pay for his evil doings.

Quest involvement