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Mirraw Thur is a location in SpellForce: The Breath of Winter.


After its revival in the hero monument will Talianna of Lena and Grim reception started. It gets its own Rune of the two, making them free and mistress of her acts. She accompanied the two to the camp of refugees in order for their awakening to know the reason. After a meeting with the leader of the refugees she receives her first assignment: You will travel to storm rocks and the Magician Dunhan speak. Through a goblin camp to fight Talianna and her two companions to the portal after storm rocks . After their return from the storm rocks companions speak again with the leader of the refugees, it sends the echo swamps. On the way to make Portal station in an orc camp and if possible avoid the strong ice elves.Finally they can use the portal to the Echo Swamps enter. Back from the Echo Swamps , the two heroes Dunhan and Reowys summoned. the refugees see the two as they are to attack the ice elves occupied city ready to rescue the elf queen. The conquest of the city succeeds, however, raises Grim it al out traitors. He is the servant of a Fial Darg and that he wanted to liberate, not Cenwen . The Fial Darg covers the land with his dark band from Shal'Dun have given themselves , only with the help of Elune their ice elves and can Talianna , Lena and the refugees to Frostfell escape.