Mulandir had once been an ancient shaper city close to the volcano of Barga Gor. During the shapers' extinction its exact whereabouts were forgotten until it was rediscovered by the Corporal, Yria and Isgrimm in the aftermath of the Mage Wars. It then became an important city after the circle had been founded by Queen Ayelith and after the circle discovered the power of the Archfire it became a prospering city. When the magic power was abused and the Convocation shattered the continents, Mulandir also was destroyed in the battles between the undead of Hokan Ashir and the demons of Uram the Red.

Shaper Era

The city of Mulandir was widely known as one of the main capitols of shaper culture. Many secrets of their magic were researched and developed in this city. The power of connecting their minds through the Essence was one of the more advanced magic projects started by the Shapers. However due to this telepathy they were then able to enslave the weaker minds of other races and creatures. The shaper era was supposedly peaceful and without any major conflict but as it turned out this was the result of mental enslavement of the other races. When the world of Eo was threatened to become a world dominated by the Xarlonthep, the great dragons arose from their dens and nests and started and all-out extermination of the Shapers. This also included the city of Mulandir who became devoid of all life.

Mage Wars

The Corporal had been tasked with finding the source of the Bloodburn outbreak, but was unable to do so without first contacting the dwarven scholar Isgrimm in Farlorn's Hope. He would reveal, that he had been searching for the lost city of Mulandir. In said city he had hoped to find clues about potent magic capable to dealing with the disease and if possible to develop a cure against it. After Isgrimm had reached Mulandir and gone to the inner sanctum, the Nexus Core, he found out that the Song of the Wight, the magic humming which usually preceeds the Bloodburn outbreak, was Shaper technology. The linked minds of the Shapers withing the Essence of the Nexus were calling out and were causing the Bloodburn phenomena.

Isgrimm was able to fully activate the Nexus to find the exact origin and then were able to locate a surviving shaper, Andra, who was revealed to be the Corporal's mother. The Purity of Light led by Rondar Lacaine had been a strong supporter until then but after Andra had been found, the Lightbringer betrayed the Corporal and turned onto him and whole Nortander. In the upcoming fight Mulandir was besieged by the Deathmen, the Bane and some Lightbringers but the Corporal was able to hold the city. In the resistance against the Purity Mulandir then became the Corporal's main base of operation.

Time of the Circle

After the Purity had been defeated, Queen Ayelith of Nortander attempted to calm down the mages and giving them the opportunity to manage their own business. The city of Mulandir became an essential core part of the newly found organization of the Circle. It became a prosperous city of magical research. The mages of the circle were mostly made up from the former companions of the Corporal such as Isgrimm, Yria and Uram. The secrets of magic such as the Archfire were researched until it was discovered of how to use it properly. The power was so immense that the circle became a powerhouse capable to rising beyond the military power of Nortander or even the Highmark.

Konvokation neu

An artwork representing the dead of the Convocation Wars

However with the great power great distrust among the circle mages because now all the mages had to fear were the own colleagues. When the distrust reached its maximum, this led to an open conflict between the different mages of the circle: The Convocation. The Fial Darg had placed some fake secrets which falsely led the mages to the conclusion, that invoking a ritual at the Godstones after the dark roamer had arrived, would grant them infinite power. However these secrets were fake since this caused the reawakening of the primal elements. The mages of the circle were defeated alltogether and the city of Mulandir and its surroundings were obliterated and became the Darklands.

Battle of Fiara

MulandirOoD OuterCity

The ruins of Mulandir

Approximately eight years after the Convocation took place a rune warrior wandered through the ruins of Mulandir. She was searching for a possible weapon against one surviving circle mage, the Dark One. According to Rohen she should look for Hokan's Legacy, the Phoenix Stone. The way through Mulandir was extremely dangerous was foretold by Vintus Lannard since the Cursed Guardians of Shar and the former demons of the Red Horde were now without masters and were attacking everyone on sight. The rune warrior was able to obtain the Phoenix Stone from the former circle servant Mechlan after having helped him in finding some kind of magical art.

SpellForce: The Order of Dawn


The buildings and infrastructure of Mulandir had been devastated during the Convocation. In the outer city not a single building remained intact and whatever ruins remained were destroyed even more by the demons and medusae roaming around. The city could be split in the inner city, the outer city as well as the temple area on top of the mountain.

The outer city almost was barren wasteland without many buildings but with weaker demons such as succubi and lesser demons of the Red Horde. But when getting closer to the city center there were lots of destroyed buildings with Cursed Guardians and their gargoyles roaming between.

The buildings were almost all covered in black ash through the recent eruptions of the Barga Gor volcano and devoid of all life. The upper temple area was one of the few area's in Mulandir still mostly intact. This was where the mage Mechlan resided. When the future Phoenix Bearer got there, she found bright columns and intact human houses without any corruption or signs of destruction.

Noteable Inhabitants

  • Mechlan
    A former servant of the circle and a powerful illusionist
  • Arz'ach
    One of the stronger demons of the Red Horde
  • Cursed Guardians
    These medusae are guarding the streets together with their gargoyles
  • Phantom Spider
    Translucent spiders imbued with powerful magic


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The Nexus Core

The Corporal's allies

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