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Of the black arts, the magic of death is the most powerful on the battlefield and since the beginnings of the dark races, it has been closely interwoven with the fate of the Dark Elves. In the midst of the armies, Necromancers march into battle, and once their brothers have begun the harvest with their blades, their work begins. They fill the corpses of the fallen with new life, summoning hateful spirits from beyond death and throwing them into battle. Seeing their freshly fallen comrades rise again and charge like a grey wave of destruction in front of the armies of darkness, the heart of many believer in the light turns to stone.

Necromancers also belong to the caste of the Archon, and their schools, from which the unholy screams of their servants echo night and day, are often the biggest and most elaborate buildings in a city.

Spellforce 2 Edit

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Similar to the sorceresses the necromancers too have been called to the ranks of the Pact because of their talent for black magic.

In the onyx temples of the Dark Elves they study all the forms of resurrection and command over the undead.

For nights on end you can hear their whispering songs and when they finally leave the temple, they have almost become undead themselves, dedicated to destroy the peace of the enemies of the Pact even after their death.

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