Sfbow 8

The Gate of the shadow border is closed, Talianna must find another way. In the northern camp of Urok should it be a secret way, but Urok to defeat those who need the rune warrior support. After she has destroyed the environment in the enemy camp, builds Tally a human basis and forms troops from enough. With your army, they destroyed all the enemy camp and finds a portal in the north, which she brings back the frontier. She sends her army to the gate and yet fulfilled part of a quest for the village of volatilization in the northwest. Then she enters the portal. On the other hand awaken the heroes and their struggles to the dwarves before. The dwarfs, both the gate and get to the border wall collapse. As the leader learns that Tally's behind the gate waiting for troops, he gives it willingly with the rams. Once the gate has fallen, for the way Taliannas troops of light-free. They destroy the basis of the Imperial and all other camp of the enemy. The road to the city fire Shal'Dun have given themselves is free. But before she goes, met Tally their quest and liberated the village from his curse.