Niethalf, the Smith is one of the seven Guardians. He is often referred to, and honored, as a war god. Thus, he is seen as the patron of warriors

History Edit


Worshippers Edit

Niethalf is usually worshipped by dwarfs as their main god. However, he is worshipped by most light nations, whose warriors pray to him to receive his blessing.

Attributes Edit

Niethalf stands for war, courage, strength, hardness and smith and construction craft. Though he rejects the unconscious and wanton killing, for they are not the meaning of a warriors honour, he won't back away for a fight as long as it's fought with fair means. Niethalf likes seeing bravery and strength, as well as good craftsmanship and blacksmithing.

Names Edit

Niethalf is most known as "the Smith". However, he also bears the following names: soul smith, examiner, the master of battle and the master of the eternal forge

Symbols Edit

The insignia of Niethalf are: an armoured smith, a hammer, an anvil, the bear, the eagle and steel


Trivia Edit

  • Niethalf once gave the dwarf Glamrig the task of forging the mighty armour of the Iron Falcons
  • The player can meet Niethlaf in SpellForce 2 - Dragon Storm and learn the virtues of a warrior by completing his tasks