Nightsong is a character from SpellForce: Shadow of the Phoenix freegame mode, and Spellforce 2. She is norcaine, daughter of Craig Un'Shallach, the Soul carrier companion and Empress of her people.


She flees into the borderlands between the realms of humans and the dark elves to alarm the humans about the pact between Shadows and Dark Elves and of the army of the Shadows, which advances under the guidance of the insane alchemist Sorvina towards the realms of the light!
With this alarming knowledge Nightsong reaches the fortress of the Shaikan, the legendary dragon warriors, bonded by blood with an ancient dragon, feared by the races of light and darkness alike. There she receives the unexpected assistance of a courageous Shaikan who joins her journey to tell the tale of the Shadows and Sorvina and to save his homeland and family.


Nightsong is the daughter of Craig Un'Shallach of the Dracon caste of the Dark Elves. She herself is not a pure-blooded member of her father's caste, and was therefore not subjected to the anti-light-worshipper teachings that would have normally been given, but was instead instructed by her father, who had learned to doubt the virtues of these lessons, both in the arts of war and the need to not judge the nations of light hastily. Before the reign of Sorvina, tradition dictated the seclusion of female Norcaine in their obsidian towers. However, most likely due to her status as a half-blood amongst castes, Nightsong was able to roam the lands freely as a bard.


Spellforce - Freegame mode - While not directly involved in the story of the main game, Nightsong appears in the Freegame mode of the expansions along with Toth Lar. They initially give the player(s) seemingly independent quests, Nightsong wishing for the player(s) to give an aquaintence of hers a message, while Toth Lar asks for the "rescue" of his father, Nazshar, from his living grave. Nazshar proves to be dead, but Toth Lar manages to resurrect him, unleashing his evil once more. Since her father, Craig Un'Shallach, is in prison, Nightsong takes up the task of sending the corrupt Norcaine back to his grave, thereby earning the hatred of both Toth Lar and his mother, Sorvina.

Spellforce 2 - Shadow Wars - The weaving of the Pact made its mark on Nightsong, like for all but the Dracons. (Note: Her father was unchanged in the intro movie) Perhaps because of her father's blood, the Sign of the Pact only manifested itself in her hair, which has become stark white, whereas her eyes remained dark. When defeat was no longer avoidable for the Dracons, she is given the Sigil of the Norcaine and the instructions of warning the races of light against Sorvina and the Shadows by her father. Knowing the fate he met so that she could escape, Nightsong manages to reach the Iron Fields, the land of the Shaikan, before her persuers catch and kill her. Her death was rendered temporary, when a nearby Shaikan, who kills the pursuers, gives her their blood to revive her and find out what she knows about these strange-looking Dark Elves. After saving the village from the other scouts of the Pact, the Shaikan is instructed by the dragon Ur, Patriarch of the Shaikan, to accompany Nightsong on her quest to rally the Realm against the Pact. They are soon forced to collapse the way they came from, lest the Pact would overrun the lands of Norimar.

After arriving at the Highmark capitol, Nightsong stays at the castle to persuade the king to move out, even though the latter pointed out that the only way back was through the Bulwark, the borderfortress of the Clans. She is kidnapped by one of Sorvinas spies in an attempt for him to "make [Sorvina] forget his failure" in trying to paralyse the humans troops with poisoned water. The Shaikan frees her, taking her and the reunited Realm of humans, elves and dwarves against the Bulwark. Upon reaching the top, they discover that the orcs are not happy with the Pact, and detest their former allies for their sacrillege. The team of heros witness the fall of Kor of the Black Fangs, and must fight a Sinistron who covers Toth Lar's retreat to warn his troops in the Iron Fields. Nightsong then watches on as the Shaikan revives Kor with his blood and allows him to leave.

Although they drive the Pact from Shaikur, they are too late: Ur was defeated, the Shaikan eaten, both by a Devourer that Sorvina summoned before spiriting the dragon to Shal, the Norcaine capitol. Nightsong helps to kill the Devourer, and looks on as the Shaikan looses his allies in his longing for revenge, as he will have to storm Drach'Lur, the fortress of the Dark Elves, which has only been conquered once by Craig Un'Shallach, and never by the Light. It is when her friend stops to think about how he will continue that Nightsong reminds them of the life-debt owed to them by Kor. With his help, they speak to the Iron Lord, high chieftan of the clans, taking advantage of his animosity towards the Pact and his respect for Nightsong's father, and winning him for their cause. Without the Elven treants, however, they have the shadows to worry about again.

Nightsongs suggests that the Shaikan asks the Freetraders about a method of seeing shadows, and that they accompany her when she sings the Song of Lament for her father. Neither of them notice the dark figure a little away saluting as she preforms the song. Nightsong then waits for the Shaikan during their campain for the Shadow Ring, the one item that enables anyone the seeing of shadows.After the Shaikan returns with a mirror which they claim will keep the shadows away, Nightsong happily accompanies her friend through the Tuscari Desert to Drach'Lur, where the shadows truely disperse upon their arrival.

Having killed Toth Lar at the top, the true meaning behind the mirror and the shadows' retreat is revealed. This time, even Nightsong is upset with her friend, whom the Iron Lord rejects for their deciet, and suggests to them to continue their path with a brisk pace, while she and her followers fortify their position. When Sorvina disappears, a civil war breaks loose between her remaining supporters and Nightsong's faction. The Norcaine finds the Shaikan and their companions in front of Ur, who had asked them to take pursuit towards the Crystal Forest. Though still angry at their earlier deciet, Nightsong allows the Shaikan the command of her troops, with whom they conquer the capitol and continue through the Crystal Wastes. Because only Sorvina's death would mean absolute victory, the bard accompanies her friend once more.

After attaining the gargoyles, the Realm troops in the Forest force Nightsong to give in to the conditions of the Pact, whose Sign she also carries, and reform it under her rulership and the guidance of the Shadow Warrior. Finally, they find Sorvina, who had been possesed by the spirit of Janus Malacay, the first Shaikan, and kill them both. While she was still not happy with what the Shaikan did in Drach'Lur, Nightsong understands the sacrifice they made, and bows her head to them. She offers her friend to assist her in stabilising the new standing of her people. When they decline, she wishes them the best of luck.

SpellForce 2: Dragon Storm -

SpellForce 2: Faith in destiny - Nightsong appears to the avatar frist time in a dream and later it is discovered that the nameless had adbucted to her for a dark ritual which involves her blood's unquire quaility of being both light and dark.

Spellforce 2: Demons of the Past -


  • Nightsong is one the few characters in the series as a whole to appear in multiple games. She gained her frist appearance in the free game mode for spellforce and as a companion in both shadow wars and dragon storm. Nightsong did appear as an NPC in both demons of the past and faith in destiny.
  • Though in Spellforce 2: Shadow wars she appears as her in game model in almost of the promontial material for the game, in one of the CGI trailers she appears looking more like her appearance in Spellforce's free game mode than she does in the games that come after.