The country owned by Baron Ortbrandt.




A small village lies directly east of the stronghold of the Iron Falcons in the north of the island, and a small militaty camp is build southwest of it. A crypt, the Vault of the Undead can be found in the northwest.


Rushwater Downs
The portal to Rushwater Downs lies in the southwest.
Iron Fields
The portal from (and to) the Shaikur, the fortress of the Shaikan, in the Iron Fields lies in the southeast. Note, that the way back to this portal is cut during a large part of the main campaign.


Gate to Falcon Castle
This stone lies just east of the Castle, at the western entrance of the Madan Gor.
Baron Ortbrandt
At he courtyard were you can find Baron Ortbrandt.
Outpost of the Falcons
At the Realm camp soutwest of the castle.
Crypt of the Revenants
At the junction, south of the crypt and north of the portal to Rushwater Downs and west of the Ruins.

Quests & strategies

Nightsong and the message for the King

On the way to the Falcons of Norimar
Travel to the last bastion of the Iron Falcons at the foot of the Windwall Mountains and speak to their Lord, Baron Ortbrandt.
The first watchfire
Rottgar and his men have been driven away from the watchfires by undead, a necromancer has opened the Vault of the Undead. His adepts have banned the fires and extinguished them. Kill them to undo the spell and relight the fire.
The second watchfire
The third watchfire
The fourth watchfire
The gates of Falcon Castle will only open again when all watchfires are burning again. Drive away the undead from the towers and kill the adepts so the fires in the towers can light anew.
When you reach Baron Ortbrandt and tell him about the Pact and his son expresses his distrust towards the Dark Elf and dragonblooded messengers, the Pact commence their attack on Norimar.
The horn of the Falcons
The Baron tells you about a horn, built by dwarves, that will collapse the south side of the Madan Gor and block the entrance to the pass below the Castle. He wants you to prove your thrustworthiness by going back through the pass and sound the Horn before the Dark Ones reach it.
Secure the Horn
The Baron gives you command over a group of fast riders, send them ahead to the horn so they can secure it before the Pact forces reach it.
The horn must sound
Position your riders and companions in such a way that the horn may sound long enough, without being interrupted by attacks, to collapse the mountainside.
Return to the Castle
You've secured the pass, but the fact that the Pact has already reached Norimar means that your hometown Shaikur is besieged by them.
The supply unit
The baron has given you a recommendation for the King and his son Falkmar to accompany you as an advocate. But first he wants you to accompany his son and a supply unit to Lyraine in Rushwater Downs. He also suggests you speak to Master Matricus of the Order of Dawn.
First command
Take command of the outpost soutwest of the castle and recruit a force strong enough to escort Falkmar and his supply unit. Falkmar is rather impatient so you need to work reasonable fast and efficient to muster an army large enough to protect him.
Through the undead
The road to the portal to Rushwater Downs is still haunted by undead. Fight your way through the undead forces and secure a safe passage for Falkmar and the supply unit and protect them from the undead. There are several camps, with towers, and the path leads under them. Every camp has some open space before the entrance where you can fight it's undead beyond the reach of the towers. Finally you'll come through a short pass upon a junction leading to the Vault in the north and the portal in the south.
The vault of the undead
The Vault of the Undead is a source of evil and now that the Holy Seal has been broken, peace is lost forever, unless you find a way to reseal the Vault.
When you reach the junction some undead scouts try to make their way north towards. Kill them with your riders or just block their way north with your army before they can reach the Vault and more undead are summoned. Proceed north and when you reach the Vault talk to the necromancer, Thur, or kill him. If you spare his life he offers you membership of a Cult and you may meet him (and Hedwig) later in the story.
To Rushwater Downs
With the Vault closed and the threat of the undead thwarted your job in Norimar is done and you can bring the supply unit to Rushwater Downs and the besieged town of Lyraine.

Side quests

Rottgar's Letter
When speaking to him after you relight the first tower, Sentry Rottgar will give you a letter for his bride Solveig, who lives in Falcon Castle.
Further up the road to Falcon Castle you'll find the corpse of Leif and his diary from which you learn that Solveig choose Leif and Rottgar left Leif to the undead. When speaking with her and her father later you can choose how to resolve the issue
Weapons Master Uland
When you tell Solveig the truth about Rottgar, but ask her to forgive him rather then to seek revenge, she'll ask you to see her father and tell him about what happened. Uland will offer you a choice from his weapons, a club, a knife or a short sword. After that, he asks you to look for his two wards.
The Wards
Two young warriors that were in training with Master Uland have fled the castle shortly before the attack on the castle. The went west and disappeared behind the lines of the undead. If they are alive, their father in Rushwater would be very pleased with news from them. He gives you his dog Cyclops who can reconize their smell and can thus help you tracking them.
Track down the ward Rolf with the help of Cyclops. From the junction in the east with the journeystone take the trail leading south-east up into the hills. Follow the trail, Rolf is on a ledge northeast of, and above the portal to Rushwater Downs. Talk to him and recieve a letter for his father in Lyraine and Hedwig's Staff.
Track down the ward Inga with the help of Cyclops. Follow the path east, then south, from the ledge where you found Rolf. There are some strong mobs here so it might be a good idea to take (part of) your army along.
Traitors in Falcon Castle
When you speak with Magistra Hedwig, after you got the Wards quest from Uland, and are willing to listen to her she asks you to kill those two "little brats", who not only "stole a cult wand" but also "overheard some things ...". That would explain why they fled the castle. You can report her treason to the baron, or not.
If you do decide to report her to the Baron he will ask you to arrest her and bring her to him. Be prepared, she will object to her arrest ...
Hedwig's suicide
You can not arrest Hedwig because, dreading the humilation, she resists being taken. Report her passing to the Baron and receive a necklace, The Seal of the Falcons, and some information about a cult she might have been involved in, worshippers of the Red God and probably searching for the secret of the Bone Spell in the Vault of the Undead.
If you do not report her and you do not kill the Cult leader at the Vault you may meet them both again later.


You can also find some traders in Norimar. See the list of traders.

Things to attack

In Norimar you can find:

  • Undead
  • Wolves
  • Dark Elves - For a short period, when they attack Norimar.
  • Spiders
  • Bears
  • Storm Beasts - A few in the hills
  • A few human cultists

Foes in Norimar
Adept of the Cult 34207502145-105/2.0Fireball, 120/10 + 90 AoE
Frenzie 35403001230-90/1.8Undead, Lifetap 45hp
Grey Wolf 357001827-51/1.0Very Fast Movement
Revenant Lord 488004845-105/2.0Undead, Very Fast Movement, Projectile Resistance 75%
Skeleton Knight 37803002433-81/2.4 +18 blackUndead; Pain +60 black; Very Fast Movement; Projectile Resistance 75%;Dark Resistance 25%; Scatter Magic


Just like in the tutorial you will start here with a pre-build base, south west of Falcon Castle, with Headquarters, a Castle and a Cattle Farm. The nearby resources consist of:

  • Stone (2600)
  • Silver (3200)

You also begin with 1500 lenya, that can be used to resurrect fallen shaikan. Lenya cannot be gathered in Norimar. Most of the undead camps have a small stone or iron deposit.

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