The Northern Windwall Mountains were the home of the house of Hallit in SpellForce: The Order of Dawn and served as a border against the undead hordes of Hokan Ashir's ghost in the aftermath of the convocation.


When the rune warrior got to here, she first went to Stonewell, the fortress of house Hallit, to find Marcia. The ambassadress of the Order of Dawn was supposed to be able to help the future Phoenix Bearer to get into the Darklands. However the undead had already started to besiege the house of Hallit and thus Marcia was unable to provide help unless the situation was resolved. After having talked to Lord Jonir Hallit the rune warrior reinforced the fighters of General Gunthar Gunham at the passageway to the south with some rune fighters. Together they were able to repell the enemy attacks and were even able to push forward to the south and annihilated the undead led by Ashdigger and Kishan.

Mysterious Shadows

The rune warrior was informed by Castagir that an unknown threat was coming. She first did not believe the old scholar's talk but in a camp here, the rune warrior had to fight the Shadow. The powerful undead  was wielding a Shadow Ring, which Castagir had been looking for. Later the rings magic power was restored by Rigour Mortis and thus the Phoenix Bearer headed back to the Northern Windwalls and was able to get the Shadow Manifest from some now visible shadows.

Rare Silks

Tanard, the master of apprentice Gabar, had a very expensive robe but due to some mishappenings done by Gabar, the robe was now tattered entirely. Tanara the Seamstress of Greyfell needed some rockspider silk to fix it. The silk could be found by the rune warrior at a local spider group south of the blockade of General Gunthar Gunham.


The Northern Windwalls are relatively prosperous in both vegetation and fertile soil but they also contain lots of valueable minerals such as iron and even moonsilver. Due to their connection with the dwarves of Windholme of the Southern Windwalls, they share a bond and the country on equal terms since times long gone.

When going to the south past the blockade of General Gunthar Gunham the area deteriorates quickly and becomes a muddy and dangerous area. Because of the undead crisis happening there, the area has been cursed by the blight of the unholy magic. However after Ashdigger and Kishan had been defeated and driven out the country should soon recover from it.


The fortress of the house of Hallit is Stonewell. This sturdy keep holds lots of veteran fighters and Lord Jonir Hallit as well as Marcia of the Order of Dawn could be found here. The keep was the last line of defense against the undead but until now, the keep was never taken by enemy forces.


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