This article is showing infos about the Orcs in SpellForce 3. For the Orc race in general see the article Orcs (Race).

Orc Symbol
The Orcs are a playable race in the RTS part of SpellForce 3. They are a fast, very offensive tribe of warriors who take attack for the best means of defense. Compared to the humans and the elves the Orcs pretty much have the crudest weaponry but they are nevertheless deadly and should never be underestimated.


Now following is a list of orc units in SpellForce 3.

Note that the units are split in basic, advanced, elite and special units.

Basic Units

Basic units can be produced at the Cal'Rak, the sector outposts as well as in the War Pits.

Goblin Scroundrel

Orc GoblinSlayer
The small and timid goblins are used to pressure enemies from the very beginning of the battle. They might be weak but their numbers can easily make up for their individual weak battle strength. They should be wary of cavalry and area attacks though as it will be their demise very quickly. Best way to use them is to harass settlements to disturb enemy resource gathering.

Upgrade: Strength in Numbers

Increases number of Goblin Scroundrels recruited per group from 4 to 5.

Orc Wargrider

Orc WargRider
Warg Riders are a quick suprise cavalry that can make a difference in battles. The Orc fighters ride on wargs into the battle and will use them for quick and strong suprise attacks. They are especially useful against low armored units such as ranged fighters or swordsmen. Since they are fast they are also useful for creating chaos in the enemies resource gathering camps.

Upgrade: Purebreeds

Wargriders now deal additonal siege damage when attacking enemy buildings.

Advanced Units

Advanced units can only be produced in the War Pits.

Orc Brute

Orc Fighter
The brute fighter is a bulky warrior with a strong iron shield and cleaver. It deals high damage to other fighters and especially in combination with ranged support from mercenaries the fighters will form a wall of flesh that is difficult to break through. However the fighters should always be wary of enemy riders and area attacks to avoid defeat.

Upgrade: Serrated Axes

Brutes deal additional slash damage to enemies hit.

Orc Hunter

Orc Mercenary
The lightly armored hunters throw javelins onto their enemies. Their range is low compared to human crossbowman or elven wanderers but the high rate of fire will make the hunters even deadlier once they have come into range. They need protection from damage though so it is best to form a combination with Orc fighters or spearman to avoid too many casualties.

Upgrade: Blessed Javelins

All projectiles now explode and deal additional fire damage in a small area.

Orc Spearwielder

Orc Spearman
Armed with an iron halberd the spearman are tasked with taking down enemy cavalry and to support their fellow Orc fighters. As all spearfighters they do have an increased attack range which can be useful for defending narrow hallways against enemy hordes. Spearman should be wary of enemy swordsmen since they are weak versus the slash type damage.

Upgrade: Wild Flurry

Attacks have a chance to hit multiple targets.

Orc Ravager

Orc Marauder
A warg itself and orc might've been a scary opponent already but when armored in a full black steel plate armor the orcish Ravager is a heavy fighter that can push deep into enemy lines and create massive turmoil. They deal alot of damage especially towards badly armored units and it takes alot of effort to take them down. Spearmen however are their worst foe so keep an eye out for them.

Upgrade: Battle Frenzy

When health drops below 50% the attack speed increases by 25%.

Elite Units

Elite units can be produced in the Blood Forge.

War Troll

Orc WarTroll
Massive mountains of muscles swinging tree-sized clubs are a terryfing sight for all enemies of the Orc tribe. The War Trolls can be used to break huge gaps into enemy armies. They have a massive health pool and it takes alot of attacks to kill one troll.

On the opposite each swing of the troll's club hits multiple enemies, stuns and knocks back enemies. This makes the troll a nightmare among the melee fighters.

Orc Firemaster

Orc Firemaster
Whenever an Orc is born with "fire inside his blood" one can undergo the training to become a firemaster. Those orcish shamans launch fireballs onto enemies dealing massive damage.

Afterwards the area is scorched resulting in a continuous fire damage over time for every enemy remaining inside. Their fragile bodies however need protection from any kind of damage.

Orc Drummer

Orc Drummer
Orcish hordes are a bunch of brutal fighters alone but when a drummer leads them a bloodbath is gonna happen. Orc fighters besides a drummer have increased running and attack speed while enemies have decreased resistances.

The drummer does not attack by itself and needs to be protected. He will then boost the orc armies' battle power massively to make up for this.

Special Units

The Siege Troll is trained in the War Forge whereas the Flesh Colossus can be summoned with the help of an Ancient Altar.

Siege Troll

Orc SiegeTroll
Other than the war trolls those trolls are not clad in armor. Their role is to lift heavy boulders and to toss them onto enemy buildings. But even when hurling them onto enemy units the rock is able to stun enemy units in a wide area.

They are massive beings but since they are unarmored they can be killed easily when unprotected. When being undisturbed however they can destroy an entire base just as easy as smashing a bug.

Flesh Colossus (Titan)

Orc Titan
When a blood sacrifice was made Zarach often answers the orcs call for might. By manifesting a grotesque golem of rotten flesh the orcish Titan resembles walking fortress. It attacks with powerful fist strikes and is by far the most aggressive titan. Not only does he curse all enemies resulting in their bodies exploding upon death dealing black damage. He also enrages when attacking which increases attack speed and damage stats. When dealing with a Flesh Colossus be wary not to shove to many units onto him because he will only get mad and then he is even harder to stop.


Now following is a list of all orc buildings in SpellForce 3. Note that the buildings are split in civil and military buildings.

Civil Buildings

The following buildings will use their workers to gather resources for paying the recruitment costs of your armies or for building additional buildings for your base.

Logging Cabin

  • Black Ash Harvester
  • Farm
  • Fishery
  • Hunting Cabin
  • Iron Mine
  • Iron Smelter
  • Logging Cabin
  • Cal'Rak (Headquarter)
  • Shaman Hut
  • Stoneworks
Used to gather wood from surrounding forests.


Used to gather stone from surrounding quarries.

Hunting Cabin

Used to gather food from roaming animals.


Used to gather food from fish ponds.


Used to gather food infinitely but slower than other buildings.

Iron Mine

Used to gather iron ore from iron deposits.

Iron Smelter

Used to refine the iron ore into iron bars.

Black Ash Gatherer

Used to gather black wood from surrounding roots.

Black Ash Refinery

Used to refine the black roots into black ash.

Military Buildings

The following buildings will either train your units, defend your base or be useful to enhance your units' battle power or damage enemy units.


Shoots at enemy targets within its range automatically.
  • Watchtower
  • War Pit
  • War Forge
  • Tribe Totem
  • Blood Forge

War Pit

Trains basic and advanced units.

Blood Forge

Trains elite units.

War Forge

Researches upgrades for your military units.

Tribe Totem

Unleashes a map wide fire rain after having stockpiled it with black ash.