Path to Eloni
Vital statistics
Start Darius
End portal to Eloni
Level 3
Location Liannon, Eloni
Rewards  ??
Previous Next
Darius the Cartographer Drums in the Forest

The only way to the Wildland Pass leads through Eloni, the land of the elves. To reach the portal to Eloni, the help of Cellen Fell, Lieutenant of the guards, is required.

Talk to Celen Fell about the path to EloniEdit

Celen Fell is the commander of the guards and can provide details about the path to Eloni. She can be found near the bindstone, Northwest of the village.

Snarf's campEdit

Snarf and his goblin gang besiege the road to the portal of Eloni. Their hideout is a camp in the West.

Destroy the Goblin encampment in the WestEdit

Snarf's camp in the West must be destroyed. Celen wants his dagger as proof of his defeat.

Bring Snarf's Dagger to Celen FellEdit

With Snarf gone and his dagger for proof, Celen will hopehully send her men to open up the portal to Eloni.

Escort the soldiers to the portal keepEdit

Escort the soldiers to the portal.

Let the soldiers open the gateEdit

Talk to one of the soldiers in order to open the gate to Eloni.

Travell through the portal to EloniEdit

The path is clear, the journey to Eloni can continue.

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