After the rune warrior talked with Darius he revealed that Rohen had already traveled on further with the Wildland Pass as his goal. The only way to the Wildland Pass led through Eloni, the land of the elves.

To reach the portal to Eloni, the help of Celen Fell, lieutenant of the guards, is required because the black fist had occupied the western part of the Liannon island.

Celen Fell explained the rune warrior that there is a goblin fighter called Snarf which has been attacking frequently and thus she was not able to send off any soldiers to the portal.

Unless Snarf was elimiminated her soldiers would remain close to the village. For additional support she recommended the rune warrior to summon herself a companion at the hero monument.

Thus the rune warrior headed to Snarf's camp and defeated the goblin and getting his dagger as a prove of his death. Upon showing it to Celen Fell she changed her mind quickly.

The rune warrior then gets some of Leonidar guards as company to fight for the portal gate. The goblins there are low-level but are led by the goblin fighter Gruff.

Once the goblin shack has been destroyed the Liannon guards can be asked to open the gates and the rune warrior entered the portal to Eloni starting Drums in the Forest.