Elf protector-1-
As the dark races swept across the continent, any previous wars Fiara had seen paled in comparison. It was at this time that the old races came together and made a pact to face the new enemy together. Out of this alliance was born the path of the Protector. Using the human and dwarf metals, the elves learned to make armour and weapons, and a new method of fighting was born. The Protectors were able to drive back the armoured hordes of darkness and saved the elves from destruction.

In close combat, the protectors are even more effective than the warders, despite not being as heavily armoured as many units of other races. The elves mastered metallurgy, but never took to the art of mining. Since they do not like to work underground, out of the sunlight, they must buy the metal for their armour and weapons from other colonies.

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