Since Spellforce is not only a RTS game, but also a RPG game it includes quests. And lots of them. These can give everything from money, items and experience points. Quests are tasks given to you by NPCs, they are divded into two broad categories. Main quests, and side quests. Main quests, as the name implies, are central to the plot of th egame, and completing them will move the game along. Side quests are totally optional, but many of them offer very nice bonuses.

Spellforce-The Order of DawnEdit

main quests Edit

The Lost Rune (Prologue)

To Greyfell

Attack of the Cave Orcs

Darius the Cartographer

Path to Eloni

Drums in the forest

Through the forest of shadows

The liberation of The Shiel

At the Wildland Pass

Return To Greyfell


The Battle Of Stonewell

Into The Greydusk Vale

Border Warfare

The Mask Of Belial

The Howling Mounds

The Whispering City

The Pheonix

On The Godswall

Four Time Shards

Wolf And Dragon

Through The Rift


The End Of The Order


To Urgath

The Breathing Wood

The Circle Closes

Spellforce-The Breath of WinterEdit

main quests Edit

The resistance

The battle for Mirraw Thur

Janina's curse

The echo swamps

Refuge in the north

Escape to the ice

Ice and fire

The crimson empire

The burning rock

The shadowblade

To the abyss

Into the abyss

Return to Tirganach

Winter dragon

side quests Edit

Battle against the wumpus

The three magicians

The treasure of Tiondria

The price of life

Murder of the high priestess

The signet of the beast

The masked one

Bone craver

Spellforce-Shadow of the PhoenixEdit

... ...

Spellforce 2: Shadow WarsEdit

Main QuestsEdit

Act:Shadow DanceEdit

Chapter: Coming Home

The Blood Ritual
The Pact Attacks
Help from the humans
Break through the ring
Ur, the Patriarch

Act:Threatened HomelandsEdit

Chapter: Nightsong and the message for the King

The Supply Unit
The first commmand
Through the undead
The Vault of the Undead
To Rushwater Downs
Rescue for Lyaine
To Norimar
On the way to the Falcons of Norimar
The First Watchfire
The Second Warchfire
The Third Watchfire
The Fourth Watchfire
To Sevenkeeps
The Horn of the Falcons
Secure the Horn
The Horn must sound
Return to the Castle
Master Matricus
Against the Iron Storm
Defend Lyraine
The end of the attacks
Return to Matricus
The Old Order Stronghold
The Portal Stone
The King of the Highmark
A Friend

Chapter: The Catapults of Underhall

The Sobering Up Potion
Talk to Jared
The Respect of the Priests
The Favor of the Craftsmen
Bitter Lye
Crystal Vial
Jared's Mixture
The Ambassador of the Dwarves
In the Home of the Dwarves
The Power of the Portal Stone
To Underhall
Ruler of Underhall
Open the Inner gates
The Eastern Lever
The Heart of Niethalf
Windhammer's Redemption
Down with Iuan
The Way out of the mine
Through the Mine (Part 1)
Through the Mine (Part 2)
Chapter: Rescue for the Iron Fields Edit
Nightsong's kidnapping
Nightsong has disappeared, kidnapped by opponents of the Dark Elves. You promised her her revenge so you have to rescue her before going to the Bulwark
Matricus and the Griffons
Matricus has guided a group of Griffons to the siege of the Bulwark, but they got separated from the main force. Rescue them and, if Matricus survives, these forces are at your command.
Through the Bulwark
With the pass in Norimar collapsed th only way to The Iron Fields leads through the Needle and it's Bulwark, the border fortress of the Iron Storm clan. Break through the Bulwark to reach the portal leading to The Iron Fields.
Against the Shadows
You arrive at the Iron Fields to find the border wall destroyed and Shaikur besieged. But first you have to defend your fragile landing base against the attacks from your hidden foes, the Shadows.
Shaikur, the Shaikan fortress has been occupied by Sorvina's forces and Ur seems defeated. Storm the fortress and drive the attackers away.

Act: Ur, the Patriarch Edit

Chapter: The Clans Edit
Chapter: The Shadowring Edit
Chapter: The Black Mirror Edit
Chapter: The Storm on Dragh'Lur Edit
The storm begins
Convince the Iron Lord to commence the attack on Dragh'Lur
Through the Sanctuaries
Cross the Sanctuaries of Tuscari and invade Dragh'Lur from the south.
The armies of the Realm are still blockking the Iron Fields, to break through them would bring the Clans between two fronts. That is why the Iron Lord has decided to take the southern route through the sanctuaries of Tuscari.
The Stone God
Accept the tests of the Stone God, southeast of the orc town at the gate of swords, and pass them.
The treasure of the western camp
Capture the treasure of the beastcamp in the southwest.
The treasure of the eastern camp
Capture the treasure of the beastcamp in the southwest(?).
The Iron Lord
The Iron Storm clan has joined forces with you, but their loyalty depends on the approval of their Iron Lord has to your cause. He has to survive for them to remain loyal.

Spellforce 2: Dragon StormEdit

... ...

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