The Ragefire is the Titan unit for the Orc race.


Ragefires are essentially a burning mass of hatred and fire. Both their hands and feet are clawed, jagged teeth hang down from their mouths. Their body is black, lined with fractures that burn with heat, a trait shared by the fearsome axes they wield in both hands. Both upper body and back are covered in spikes, and a thick tail sprouts from behind them.


Like other Titan units, the Ragefire is slow, but can strike with incredible power. The Ragefire is all but immune to any fire-based magics, however, he dreads ice magic, which is effective at quenching his flame.


A by-product of the ancient pact that once connected the demons of the red horde and orcs. It is a being of pure rage and wickedness. Brought to life by the collective anger of orcs, and formed of demonic fire.

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