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a ranger from spellforce 2

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a ranger from spellforce

Ranger is an elven unit in SpellForce series.

History Edit

Rangers are the backbone of the elven army. The natural bond between elves and the forest gives them the gift to become one with nature, enabling them to sense their prey or enemy’s presence from afar and adjust the trajectory of an arrow to the wind. Rangers can become extremely skilled with the longbow, and what was once used mainly for hunting or defense has become a formidable weapon of war. Becoming a ranger is the natural way of the elves, and so they learn this craft quickly and easily.

SpellForce 1 Edit

A ranger is the cheapest and the first unit avalible in the list of elven forces.

SpellForce 2 Edit


The bow skills are the trademark of the elves. They are only lightly armored rangers, but the enormous range and precision of their long bows makes them become deadly long distance fighters. If they are in a good position, the can fully eliminate an attacking army, without it striking a blow.

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