Rohen in SpellForce 1

Rohen Tahir

Rohen as shown in the intro of SpellForce 1: The Order of Dawn.

Rohen is a mage and former master of The Phoenix Bearer in SpellForce: The Order of Dawn.

He was one of the youngest members of the Circle, but also one of the most powerful.

The most interesting thing about Rohen is that due to a time loop he is killed by his younger self.

Rohen in SpellForce 3

Rohen Tahir was a human mage during the Mage Wars and a companion of Isamo Tahar's rebellion. In the aftermath he joined the human mercenary group of the Wayfarers. In the city of Everlight he eventually met up with Isamo's child who he joined up with to find a cure for the Blood Burn. His admittance to the Corporals' group can be refused so Rohen is one of the missable companions in the game.


White Magic

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Primal Magic

This ability tree is unique and only accessible for Rohen Tahir. It involves another variant of elemental spells but other than the Elemenalism spells they are centered around self-enhancing abilities for Rohen and other characters instead of just dealing damage to enemies. Rohen is able to boost the groups damage output considerably.

See for the main article at Primal Magic (SF3).


Once the Corporal has build up a good relationship to Rohen and made him into telling details about his past, this affinity skill is unlocked and can be activated with a skill point as usual. The affinity skill requires interaction with Rohen during dialogues and can be blocked upon answering contrary to Rohen's believes and opinions and hence become unobtainable.

Passive Rohen

Combat Opportunist (passive ability)

Whenever an enemy is killed by Rohen it will restore a small amount of focus to him.

Rohen's story

Mage Wars and Wayfarers

Rohen was a comrade of Isamo Tahar during the Mage Wars. He was a loyal rebel and once he found out that Isamo's child was going to betray him he told Isamo. It is not told much about what happened next during the Mage Wars but in the very end even Rohen abandoned the rebels' side and joined the mercenary band of the Wayfarers. He traveled around and did quests for whoever would pay for it.

Corporal Tahar

He then met up with Corporal Tahar in Everlight because Clara Farlorn helped the Corporal in his needs for allies. Tahar recognised Rohen immediately and of course the situation was bad at first. In the end Rohen was admitted to join the group on their quest to cure the Blood Burn.

It is shown that Rohen has still alot of connections for former mages because he knows alot of people on Tahar's journeys. Rohen himself is a slightly moderate person and is not revealing much to Tahar upon asking. Later on he revealed the main reason why he eventually left Isamo during the Mage Wars was the feeling of guilt he had towards the Corporal for betraying him.

Founding of the Circle

After the Purity was defeated in Greyfell Rohen's near future is unclear but since the queen announced the founding of the Circle it remains for sure that Rohen eventually joined it in the end. Due to the circle's thirst for magic secrets Rohen discovered how Rondar Lacaine previously during the Corporals fight with him and accessed the Archfire for himself.


Although he was young, Rohen was one of the most powerful Circle mages. Obsessed with magic and the domination of Allfire, he was eager to begin the ritual of Convocation. On the day of the Convocation ritual, an old man came to his tower and warned him that the Convocation was a lie, that it would destroy all of them. Rohen just laughed off his words and then attacked him, hoping to take the book the old man had, which contained the secrets of the ritual. However at that moment the powers of the Allfire started to break down the world of Eo. Only the places guarded by the Godstones were spared ultimate destruction.

After the convocation

Rohen survived, disappointed by his failure. But he soon created a new plan: To travel back in time, so he could perform the ritual of Convocation once again. Rohen traveled through the broken islands and gathered a dark army. He managed to attain control over the Blades and also a mercenary organization known as the Black fist. The old magician, who had also survived, tried to end his plans with the help of a Rune warrior, but Rohen managed to trick the old man into a trap and kill him.

Rohen PortalToPast

Rohen travels back into in time

Before this happened though, the old man handed over the book he had to the rune warrior. The Rune warrior managed to gain the Phoenix Stone in an attempt to stop Rohen but the stone was seized by Rohen as was the book that the old man had owned. Rohen managed to create a time portal and to travel back to a time before the Convocation.

Convocation (as older self)

Rohen reads the book to learn how to master the convocation, but then he realizes that the old man he had met was actually himself. And so, after many years, he found himself standing under the tower of his younger self. He watched as the young Rohen refused to end the Convocation and he witnessed the destruction of the world. He realized that the nations would die off on the separated islands, and so he created the portals that would join the world once again. He founded the Order of Dawn that would bring a new order into the shattered world. He awoke a Rune warrior, then visited his old friend Darius to give him the book containing the secrets of the Circle and the Convocation. He then set off to the Icegate Marsh, where he waited for his younger self to kill him.

Undead Rohen


Undead Rohen at the Raven Pass

Rohen's corpse was later on found and resurrected by Hokan Ashir, who used the life essence made of blood of Ereon to resurrect the circle mages as his undead servants. During the battle for Raven Pass the rune warrior will meet this reanimated corpse alongside Hokan Ashir's undead forces riding a huge undead beast.

Rohen was defeated during the final battle at the Bone Temple of Zarach within the Dark Jungle alongside all of his other previous circle mage comrades when the two rune warriors unleashed the power of the Phoenix.

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