The Rune Warriors (also named Rune Slaves or Rune Servants) were a creation of the Circle mages. They were mighty warriors or mages who were bound to Rune stones by the power of the Allfire. These Runestones allow a summoner, who had to be the owner of the rune, to command the Rune warrior.

More importantly, the owner of the Rune could summon the respective warrior or mage completely, meaning he would summon him in a real, living body. That way the Rune warrior would retain all of the skills and memories they had acquired before and after they were bound to the rune. This allowed the Circle mages to have strong and loyal servants.

After the Circle's defeatEdit

The rune power faded after the end of the Circle during SpellForce: Shadow of the Phoenix and with it the monuments. The Rune warriors that were trapped without a body in their runes during that time were released from their servitude and perished once and for all. Those that owned a body during the time when the rune magic failed survived and could live their lives until their death.

SpellForce 3Edit

Although being only a prototype the Shaper Rune used by Rondar Lacaine in SpellForce 3, was pretty much the direct predecessor of the Rune Warriors. It enabled control and mind manipulation of affected beings and allows revival at Aonir's Godstones similar to the Bindstones.

Famous Rune WarriorsEdit

  • Phoenix Bearer
    Protagonist of SpellForce: The Order of Dawn.
    The hero of the Battle of Fiara and bearer of the Phoenix Stone.
  • Shadow Warrior
    Protagonist of SpellForce: The Breath of Winter
    Responsible for putting Aryn back to sleep and slaughtering the Fial Darg with the Shadow Blade.
  • The Messenger
    Protagonist of SpellForce's Free Game Mode
    Responsible for the creation of the Norcaine's pact with the Shadows.
  • Dunhan
    A famous leader of the resistance in Mirraw Thur.
  • Reowys
    Another famous leader of Mirraw Thur's resistance.