Sergant Einar (later general) is a character from Spellforce: The Order of Dawn and Spellforce 2: Shadow Wars

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Apparently, he is a knight from Nortander.

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In Spellforce: the Order of Dawn Einar meets the rune warrior near the portal in Leafshade. He travels with protogonist through the land to the next portal, travels to Shiel and comes back to the town.

In Spellforce 2 he's an envoy of the house of Urtan. He came to the court in hope to convince King Ulf that they have to attack the Dark Elves. He defends the Soul Carrier and his company from king's assault. The Soul Carrier thanks him and ask about his business in Sevenkeeps. General tells him of his thoughts about war and suggests hin to visit elvish and dwarven ambassadors.

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General Einar in Spellforce 2: Shadow Wars