Einar is a character from Spellforce: The Order of Dawn and Spellforce 2: Shadow Wars.

SpellForce: The Order of Dawn

During the Battle of Fiara Einar was a sergeant of the house of Utran and responsible for many different and dangerous tasks. He first met the Phoenix Bearer when he had some troubles with defeating the Black Fist who had occupied Leafshade. Through her help he was able to obliterate the camps and thus to cut off the Black Fist's support lines to the Shiel.

With their support cut off, Einar went to the Shiel and again the Phoenix Bearer helped Einar and Lord Commander Tynar to push back the Black Fist through the portal to the Wildland Pass. They were able to retake the fortress of the island and thus could establish a stable reign over the Shiel.

After the victory at the Shiel, Einar was not seen again during the Battle of Fiara.

Quest Involvement

SpellForce 2: Shadow Wars

Apparantly because of his great services Einar was promoted from a sergeant to the rank of a general. Through this new won prestige Einar even was able to visit other realms such as the Highmark. There he met the Soul Carrier and defended himself in an argument with King Ulf. He stated that to win against the Pact, the Realm would need to reforge its old bonds with the Morhir of Dun Mora and the dwarves of Underhall.

When the Soul Carrier launched an attack at the Clans' bulwark of the Needle, Einar was a commander in charge of some of the Realms' camps on the battlefield and directed their troops according to the Soul Carrier's plans. After the Soul Carrier's inner self, Janus Malacay, broke out and insulted King Ulf and thus broke the treaty with the Realm, Einar was extremely upset first but reasonable upon learning the truth.


Einar has a calm yet an extremely decisive nature. It takes alot to make him upset but even if he is boiling mad at someone of something, he would always remain calm and act thoughtfully.

He also is shown as a very intelligent person since he was able to discuss with knowledgeable individuals such as Master Askan from the university of Sevenkeeps about the future of a world without portals.