The capital city of Highmark





Spider Lair
Southern Gate
Crafters Quarters
Farmers Gate
Sacred Ground
The Silent Glade
Arcanum of the Magicians
Temple DIstrict of the Priest's Guild
Dwarves Quarter
Marketplace of the Trader's Guild
The King's Palace


Nightsong and the message for the King

The King of the Highmark
On the highest spot, in the centre of Sevenkeeps, King Ulf, ruler of the Highmark resides. With the advocacy from the Iron Falcons and the Order of Dawn the Shaikan Soul Carrier and the Norcaine Nightsong should be able to obtain an audience with the King.
A Friend
General Einar, an ambassador from the House of Utran from Northander seems to have good intentions towards you and he appears to take the threat posed by the Shadows more seriously then the King.

The Catapults of Underhall

The ambassador of the Dwarves
Jandrim Windhammer, the ambassador of the Dwarves can be found in the dwarven quarters in the northern part of Sevenkeeps. Speak to him about obtaining the help of the dwarves and their catapults in the campaign against the Bulwark.
The sobering-up potion
The portal to Underhall lost it's power and now Jandrim can do nothing to help save his father and their people. He has tried to drown the resulting sadness and anger and is now in no condition to speak with.
Talk to Jared
Jared, Jandrim's servant knows how to make a potion to bring the dwaf back on his feet.
Bitter Lye
Jared needs bitter lye as an ingedient for his potion. It can be obtained from the priests. Ask the High Priest.
Crystal Vial
For the preparation of the sobering up potion Jared needs a fine ground crysta vial such as the crafters of Sevenkeeps can produce. Ask the Crafter's Guild Master how to obtain such a vial.
The Respect of the Priests
The priests of the light want you to fullfill at least one task, to gain their trust and respect. They will only provide the bitter lye you need once you've gained their respect.
The favor of the craftsman
You have to gain the trust and respect of the crafters before they will make a vial. Fullfill at least one task to gain their favor.
Jared's Mixture
You have obtained all the ingredients for Jared's recipe. Return to him so he can prepare the potion.
In the home of the Dwarves
Jandrim is healed and ready to go, but the portal to Underhall has lost it's magic. Now the Portal Stone from the Order could be usefull in giving the Portal back it's power, then travel through it to Underhall.
A Friend
Speak with Einar again once you've have returned from Underhall with the support of the dwarves secured.

The Bows of Dun Mora

The deal with the orc archers behind the walls of the Bullwark you'll need the range and the strength of the elven longbows. The fighting Morhir, outcast elves guarding the sunken fortress of Dun Mora might be able to help you. You have to try and obtain their support for your cause.

The Morhir
Although the high elves from Finon Mir withdrew from the Realm a long time ago, their sisters, the Morhir from ELvenkeeps still have an ambassdress in Sevenkeeps. It is thought she can be found in the Silent Glade, a garden in the north-west of town.
The elven ambassadress
The ambassdress of the elves has her residence in the Silent Glade, a garden int he northwest of town.
Hagard, the magician
On the search for a cure against the Plague, the elven ambassadress has called on a magician, Hagard, who has also been doing research on a cure. His castle is one of the founder castle in Springs Keep, northwest of Sevenkeeps.
The Snakenettle
Hagard says the ambassadress went out to search for a rare herb named snakenettle, which they believe has healing powers.
Honi soit qui mal y pense
For some time now Sevenkeeps' Jester has been mocking you, he finds your search for snakenettle amusing. Talk to him and ask him what this nonsense is about.
Never trust a magician
The Jester told you snakenettle is a fraud, it doesn't exist, it is nothing but a fool's herb, an imaginary ingredient that appears only in the frauds of carnies and quacks. Ask Hagard why he so wilfully deceived you.
When you do, it will become clear that he has imprisoned the elf.
The Magicians
Hagard has protected himself with mages and guards and you will need the help of the Magicians of Sevenkeeps to overcome his defenses. Tell the archmages of the magicians what has happened.
The Militia
Hagard has betrayed the town and caused the plague himself. Normally this would be a case for the Militia themselves, you should tell the town commander about his betrayal so they can intervene.
Dubious Magic
Hagard has poisouned the water supply and casued the plague in Sevenkeeps. The Ambassadress of the elves caught on to him and now he is keep her prisoner. If you defeat Hagard, not only will you end the plague, but you will also gain the elves' assistance.
The Ambassadress
Go and see the ambassadress of the Morhir in the Silent Glade

Rescue for the Iron Fields

You now have the army you need to free your homelands, now you have to set off for the Iron FIleds, which means going throught the Bullwark.

Nightsong's kidnapping
Nightsong has disappeared, she seems to have been kidnapped by opponents of the Dark Elves. You've promised her revenge, so you have to find her before you go through the Bullwark.
Talk to Redmond
The militia have already investigated Nightsong's disappearance, but appear to have given up. Talk to Redmond to find out what they discoverd thus far.
Search in the Northeast
Redmond only found out that some men took her out of town to the northeast, but the Militia lost interest and didn't pursue the case.
Hagard's Return
Hagard was behind the kidnapping, to make up for his failure in the matter of the Plague. This means Sorvina is the mistress he mentioned, and you get the oppotunity to deal with him. Kill him and rejoin with Nightsong, she has some things to tell.
To the Needle
Nightsong is freed and has joined your group again, the dwarves and the elves will follow your command, it is time to bring the Bullwark to it's knees.

Side Quests

Bailiff Utrecht expects your Highness at the Castle of the Westguard. He manages the Soul Carrier's new fiefdom and can surely inform the Shaikan how to best manage their new property and make the Westguard a secure and prosperous country.
Sanctuary of Light
A spell has been cast upon the Sanctuary of Light, a holy place where priestess Sephis used to go to pray. But now, by the spell it is infested with undead. Go to the Sanctuary (a journeystone is nearby) and cleanse it by driving out all the undead. This will surely improve your standing with the Priest's Guild.
Sephis asked you to investigate citizens that are suspected to be followers of a Cult. Go to there houses to observe them, during the night and determine which of suspects are indeed with this cult. The suspects are Betha, Olar, Hana, Gunnar, Freja, Ingvert, Turja and Haldor.
The yellow spots on the map mark there homes, go there, walk near the symbol on the road that marks their house and observe the suspect that appears. When a suspect is unmasked (their name is displayed when you select them) they are innocent, otherwise they are guilty (they are shown as 'masked suspect'). Observe all eight suspects and take note of which ones are masked (guilty) and which one are not, the quest log does not record this. When you have observed all eight suspects return to priestess Sephis and inform her of your findings.
Herbs for Galius
Because of the plague Galius needs more herbs then he can collect. Gather herbs around Sevenkeeps and bring them to him. The herbs can be found south and west of Sevenkeeps. Collect them, while cleaning out the place. Return to the priest when you've collected all herbs.
Monsters in the quarry
The workers of the quarry have dug strange creature out of hte stone. Destroy the monsters and return to craftswoman Thoya.
Living Stone, I presume
Examine the quarry to the north of the dwarven quarry. The stone itself, it is said, has come to life.
Return to Thoya
Tell Thoya that the monsters have been defeated and that the quarry is safe again.
The right twist - The professor
Professor Twiddle, lecturer at the University of Sevenkeeps was asked to produce an explosive powder. The stonebreakers of Underhall knew how to make it and he needs your help to retrieve their records
Professor Twiddle has send his assistant Lela to Underhall to recover the records about the explosive powder from stonebreaker Gundam. But the henchman of the now deceased Dr. Mauser went after her and she is in danger. Witht he portal's power waning, Professor Twiddle needs your help to recover the records. And to save lela.
Westguard - The builder's Worries
Warrad's daughter Kara disappeared and his worries are torturing him badly. You must find her before you can order any more work from him.
Kara went to visit her aunt Baru in Sevenkeeps before she disappeared. You should speak to her, she can probably be found on the Market of Sevenkeeps.
The Girl and the Clans
Baru tells you the girl had enough of cooking and cleaning and set her mind upon the Free Traders in the Gate of Swords. To reach them she would have had to travel through the Needle and the orc Bullwark there. Look for traces of Kara in the Needle and the Gate of Swords.
The merchant Odger needs a few varieties of rare spider silk, that can be found with the spiders south of Sevenkeeps. He needs White, Silver, Black and Grey Spidersilk. Go to the Spider Lair in the south, by journeystone or take the path south of the southern gate leading west to their lair. Many, many spiders will spawn until finally their nests are exhausted. Pick up the loot, including the silk and return his spindle filled with the rare spider silk to the merchant Odger in the traders quarters. Laudinia will reward you for your services.
The strange chest
The trader Jorge doesn't remember how to open the magical lock of his chest
Ask Firin about the chest
The crafter Firin made the chest so he would know how to open it. Ask him about it at the crafter's quarter.
Firin's Offer
Firin is willing to open the chest, but he wants to b paid for doing so. When you return to Jorge to ask if he agrees he will agree, but also give you the keys so you can give it a try.
Crafters or Traders
Accept Firin's offer and the gratitude of the crafters, or solve the puzzle yourself and make Jorge happy. Either way, only one guild is going to be thankfull to you, the other one is, boviously, not going to be happy with it.
The chest has four colored locks, a red, a green, a blue and a yellow one. An engraving on it says "Red plus Blue multiplied by Green minus Yellow equals 30. You open the lock by inserting numbered keys into colored locks in a such a way that the equasion is correct. Multiplication takes precedence, there are two correct ways of inserting the keys. 2 + 4 * 9 - 8 = 30 and 2 + 9 * 4 - 8 = 30
Heart of Stone
The magician Aba has asked you to hunt stone elementals and gather their hearts, whose magical power is so important for her.
Mushrooms for Zacharias
The magician Zacharias needs 5 mushrooms for the preparation of an old dwarven potion. The mushrooms he seeks are the Poisonous Stinger, a Yellow Spouter, a Stomach Turner, an Elven Straddler and Brown Forestus. You might already have found them while exploring the map earlier, otherwise the gathering of mushrooms can be combined with the other hunting and collecting quests.
Harpy Plague
The (decimated) milita of Sevenkeeps are too busy with the happenings in town to have time to secure it's environment. Harpies have become a serious threat though, and citizens have requested they be removed. It would improve your standing with the militia if you could help them.
Ogre Hunt
The ogres in the Hills were never completely driven away and now that the militia are weakened by the plague they've returned to the lands around the city. Helping the militia to drive them back would improve your standing with them.
The Banner
A storm tore the legendary eagle banner of the army of Sevenkeeps away to the North. Many a soldier took the loss of the trusted banner as a bad omen and lost their courage, it's recovery is vital. Unfortunately all that is known is that it blew away to hills northwest of the city.
The banner, as it turns out, was blown to an old man, west from Hagard's Fortress, and protected his live from the cold when he was ill. You now have the choice between letting him keep the banner, taking it from him or tearing it in two pieces. Make your choice and rpeort to Irion.
The Lost Deliveries
A merchant was robbed of his deliveries. The goods have been magically sealed howerver, so they shuld b safe. If you would be so kind to retake them from the bandits and deliver them to the intended recipients in Sevenkeeps.
The bandits (lvl 7-8) can be found in the southwest, there is a journeystone nearby. Like the spiders the group will respawn a couple of times but with the druids and soldiers from the earlier main quest they should be easy enough. In one of the chests contains the parcels intended for Galius, Talienne, Thoya, Firin, Jorge and Odger.
A thief, named Siobhan will appear and claim she can open the parcels, she wants half of whatever is in them. Make your choice, deliver the parcels, or part of them, to the rightfull recipients and perhaps receive a reward, or have Siobhan open them and share their contents with her.


You can also find many traders in Sevenkeeps. See the list of traders.


Sevenkeeps in one of the biggest maps in the game and there are alot of creatures to fight. Here is the list:


There are no rescources on this map

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