Shal'Dun - sometimes called the Burning City or the Fire City - is the capital of the Crimson Empire in Urgath.


Long time ago the dark elves had always been sworn to Nor, the god of night and the moon. However a cult came into existence during the Convocation that had been revering the god of fire, Zarach, as main god since he had been the one who had created the race of dark elves as a gift for his brother Nor. The cult first was neglected and would have died out if it wasn't for the outbreak of the primal elements during the Convocation.

The preachers of Zarach were calling upon their god when a huge trembling shook the city and fiery lava spew from the earth. The streams of fire and the eruption of the nearby volcanoes was interpreted as a sign of the renegade god. Thus the cult of Zarach became more and more powerful until the fire priests stood on equal terms with the priests of Nor and were allowed to found their own city, the Sun City.

Cenwen's abduction

As servants of the renegade gods, the dark elves of the Crimson Empire revered their latest and most powerful creation, the Fial Darg. When one of them attempted to bring the dark gods back to Eo by using the blood of Cenwen, a firstborn, they supported the Fial Darg. Cenwen was abducted from the Frostweaver Rift and was brought to the Abyss. However the Fial Darg was hunted down by the elves of the Winterguard and imprisoned with ice magic before being carried to Mirraw Thur.

Grim's plan

There the servant of the Fial Darg, Grim, abused the local resistance fighters of Mirraw Thur to take up arms against the Winterguard. The future Shadow Warrior and Lena were both deceived by Grim as well and helped the Fial Darg to be freed again. However even after the Crimson Empire then started its  assault on Mirraw Thur the rune warrior, Lena and the resistance were able to flee thanks to Elune's helping hand.


After the future Shadow Warrior had aquired the Firebane from Windjalf of Fastholme, he was fighting a counter-attack. He conquered the Nevershade Frontier and was even able to get past the infamous Darkwall with the help of Borondir and his dwarves. When the rune warrior arrived at Shal'Dun, he was greeted by Dracon Craig Un'Shallach of the star city.

The rune warrior then was able to get the keys from the three cities of Shal'Dun, which unlocked the gate to the inner fortress, the Burning Rocks. There the future Shadow Warrior finally met Grim again and after a challenging fight, the traitor lied dead in the ashes of Shal'Dun.

However the Fial Darg still had to be defeated and thus the rune warrior headed to the Firefangs to get the Shadowblade from the Fireangel, a devoted servant of the Fial Darg. With the blade in his possession, the Shadow Warrior then headed to the Abyss and was able to slay the Fial Darg and to free Cenwen.


After Aryn had been put to sleep the Masked One seemingly took over the city as stated by the Shadow Warrior in SpellForce: Shadow of the Phoenix. According to him the dark elves were tempted by the power of the archfire since the Masked One was revealed to be the circle mage Hokan Ashir who had been reborn with the help of the Mask of Belial.


The three cities

The burning rocks

Treasure vaults

Noteable inhabitants


  • Dracon Craig Un'Shallach


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