Sfbow 9
Directly behind the portal Talianna and Lena
Spellforce treasure room

The Treasure Room's chest map

from the dark elf captain Craig Un'Shallach (a familiar face from "The Order of the Dawn ") reception started. Is proving to happiness as an ally says Tally , they must take the three cities to the burning rock and Fial Darg to achieve. He offers her a fighting force to support and gives information about how cities can be conquered.

The key city of the moon gets Talianna through an alliance with the Ambassador Khalid Zhar . The key to the star city conquered by the attack are a must. Therefore builds Tally on a Orkbasis and with enough troops conquered the city and the key. She receives an urgent note to the conquest of the city of the sun, which finally succeed. The three keys to open up access to the burning rock. There meet Lena and her two old friends: the masked and Grim , the traitor. Before Lena her revenge on Grim takes place, they learn that the Fial Darg the fairy queen in the abyss captive.Craig Un'Shallach , the new leader of the Dark Elves of Shal'Dun have given themselves told Tally the shadow sword. It is the only weapon with which the Fial Darg can be defeated. The companions have in the Firefangs travel to get to it.