Sick Hermit is a NPC character from SpellForce: The Order of Dawn. He's involved in The Sick Hermit quest.

The quest is avalible after Rohen's death. The hermit lives near the village in Greyfell. The hermit is suffering from the unknown disease. He asks the rune warrior to bring a potion called Zirfar, which only one healer can make. Her name is Shan Muir. So, the rune warrior visits her in Liannon and speaks with her about the hermit and learns, that he used to be a murderer. His judgement was to drink a potion, so he lost his strength and became unable to kill. In consequence, Shan Muir rejects the request, but suggests to make a pain-ease-potion.

Since that point the rune warrior can choose:

1) To agree and accept the pain-ease-potion 2) To find a healer who can make needed potion
The rune warrior chooses to ease murderers pain. One gives the potion to the hermit. He drinks and tells that he was bewitched by a dryad. She made him killing, and he couldn't resist her spells. The rune warrior goes to Eloni and kills the dryad and her minion. He takes the hermit's curl, which the dryad used to voodoo the hermit, gives it to the owner and frees him by that.
Evil Dryad
It's Illrias from Shiel. The rune warrior travells to Shiel and helps the healer to find his stolen purse. The robber is in the southest part of the map. The hero bring his money back and obtains the Zirfar potion. But as soon as the hermit drinks it, he attaks the rume warrior and perish.
Sick Hermit

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