The rune warrior came across a hermit living close to the Greyfell farmer's village. He said that he had been suffering from an unknown disease. The only cure for it would be the Zirfar potion but he only knew one person, who could create it: Shan Muir in Liannon. Upon asking Shan for the Zirfar potion, she then refused to give over the Zirfar potion as the hermit was a murderer.

The only thing that prevented him from committing any more murders, was the disease and once it would be cured, the killing would probably start over again. The only thing, Shan would make was a pain-ease potion.

Since Shan refused there were now two possible outcomes for this quest:

1st option: Accepting the pain-ease potion

The rune warrior decided to ease the murderers pain. Onc he had given the potion to the hermit, he drank it and then told that all the murders he had committed were because he had been bewitched by a dryad. She made him killing and he couldn't resist her spells. The rune warrior then went to Eloni and killed the dryad and her minion. He takes the hermit's curl, which the dryad had used to voodoo the hermit. Upon giving it back to the Hermit, he was freed from the curse and the quest ended.

2nd option: Attempting to get Zirfar potion

Shan still refused to make the potion but redirected the rune warrior to Illrias from the house of Utran in the Shiel. He would help the rune warrior to create the potion, if he were given back his money, that had been stolen by a thief. The thief was found south-east of the island of the Shiel. Once money had been brought back to the healer, he created the Zirfar potion. Upon bringing it back to the hermit, he drank it. He went mad shortly after and attacked the rune warrior. In an act of self-defense the hermit was then killed and the quest ended.