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The Skerg have been the slaves of the Norcaine since the conquest of Urgath by the Dark Ones. Their culture and their desire of freedom have been destroyed by centuries of torture and slavery. Meanwhile their only purpose in life is to erect more and more new obsidian buildings for their relentless masters. The Pact covers the conquered countries with these buildings.

The Skerg origins lie in the swamps of Urgath. They are a simple race whose heritage would surely be a mystery to many a scholar, had the dark ones not fled to Urgath when they escaped from Xu. When the dark races first reached the shores of Urgath, they were greeted fearfully by the Skerg, who almost regarded the new arrivals as gods. It did not take long for the dark ones to take advantage of the Skerg’s weakness and simple nature; but while the orcs and trolls found sport in slaughtering them, the children of Nor found a more suitable use for these creatures. Since that time, the Dark Elves have bred and kept the Skerg as slaves. The Skerg may suffer under this arrangement, but after generations of humility and suppression, there exists hardly a spark of rebellion in their broken souls. The Tar-Skerg are a more intelligent and stronger sub-species of this race of slaves. They are particularly useful for hard or difficult work, and are skilled craftsmen, able to fashion all manner of tools and jewelry for their dark masters.

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