Small fish
Vital statistics
Start Tyrgar Brannon
End Sunder Blackhand
Level 3
Location Liannon
Rewards  ??
Previous Next

Tyrgar a fisherman from Liannon, owes a shipment of fish to Sunder. To his annoyance, the goblins have caught all the fish from the lake. The goblins must be dealt with and the stolen fish must be delivered to Tyrgar.

Drive the goblins away from the North shoreEdit

The goblin fish thieves can be found on the opposite bank of the lake, directly at the northern bridge from Liannon. Further to the North it is getting dangerous, so be careful.

Take the caught fish to TyrgarEdit

The fish of the goblins should be taken to Tyrgar.

Bring the shipment to SunderEdit

The fish van now be taken to Sunder. He can be found in Liannon.

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