The Southern Windwall Mountains were the home of the dwarves of the Windwall Mountains in SpellForce: The Order of Dawn. The local dwarves had created their capital Windholme there with lots of mines and thus was able to accumulate lots of fortune through selling various rare ores such as moonsilver and adamantinum.


After the rune warrior had liberated the Northern Windwalls from the undead plague led by Ashdigger and Kishan from Greydusk Vale, she then headed towards the city of Windholme to meet with Skarvig Ironbeard.

According to Lord Jonir Hallit the dwarves and the house of Hallit had been allied ever since, but recently something made Thane Skeld Sjalfson break said vow. The future Phoenix Bearer found out that Joshua Hallit, Lord Jonir Hallit's son, had abandoned his blood brother Herger in combat with the dragon Zyrafyr.

Then the dwarves expelled the heir of the house of Hallit from their city until Zyrafyr was killed. The rune warrior convinced the thane to open up the gate to the Coldmark once more and there they killed Zyrafyr and thus anewed the bond.

The giant Hörgr

From Stoneblade Mountain the giant Hörgr had come through the portal. He then had started to plunder and harass the locals and even the militia of Windholme was unable to deal with him.

Lorderic Svartlar proposed the usage of a strong poison called the Green Sleep to weaken and then defeat Hörgr. The rune warrior helped Lorderic to gather all necessary ingredients.

Dealing with the Ripper

The beastmen were ambushing locals from their camps in the very south. An especially strong beastman called the Ripper was found there by the future Phoenix Bearer and killed in combat. With its magical fur Miria Thalindar was able to create a powerful Fur Jacket.


To the west of there are lush and green forest landscapes with lots of fertile soil and animal wildlife. It is a prosperous area where the Bron Gonnar had built his farm and cattles together with Miria Thalindar. When going up the mountains to the north, the area becomes quickly more and more mountainous.



The mines of Windholme

After having gone up to the northwest of the Southern Windwalls, the city of the dwarves of Windholme was build deep within the stone of the mountains. The dwarves had a tight bond with the humans of the Northern Windwalls led by the house of Hallit. They were often mentioned together because all moonsilver and adamantinum going out of the Windwall mountains had to pass through the house of Hallit because the dwarves often would refuse to make trades with outsiders.


SouthernWindwalls ColdmarkRuins

The ruins within the Coldmark

When going past the gate to the east, the Coldmark was located. This are was supposedly extremely dangerous and only the most dangerous and the most desparate individuals would go there. Herger and Joshua Hallit once went there to explore the area but they were confronted with the dragon Zyrafyr. The fire dragon killed Herger Skeldson after he was left behind by Joshua Hallit and only after the future Phoenix Bearer had killed Zyrafyr the rage of Thane Skeld Sjalfson would lessen.


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