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Grimlore Games
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December 7, 2017
Real-time strategy, role-playing video game

SpellForce 3 is the third part in SpellForce series by Grimlore Games.

The game is in development. Was presented at GamesCom 2014 with a footage . It seems to be that game will mostly be set isometrically.

The details were revealed at GamesCom 2015.

Pre-release info Edit

Here's the information that was provided on the official SpellForce forum:

General setting:

Will take place ~500 years before convocation => no islands, but continents => no portals.

Base building and economy:
More complex (even compared to SF1): There will be areas to conquer and control and you'll have to transport somehow raw materials and products from e.g. the mine (ore) to smelter (iron), onwards to blacksmith (weapons), then further to barracks where the things are given to units trained. Something like that (but not as complex as in e.g. the anno series).

- 3 playable races/factions: Humans, Elves, Orcs.
- Each race's army consists of 4 basic unit types (race specific but comparable): swordsmen, bowmen, spearmen, cavalry.
- additional race specific special units: e.g. human paladin, elven magician.
- And Titans of course.
- more emphasize on tactical battlefields and combined arms, need for tactical unit placement (e.g. you have to protect archers from being overthrown by cavalry; winning by sheer numbers shall no longer work)

- Ava will be more customizable (If also different races to choose from is still unknown)
- Heroes/companions similar to SF2, they also level up and develop; have specific background to discover during campaign (like in Dragon Storm).
- You will meet known characters from previous games.
- Rumors have it that you may even have a young, future Circle's Magician as playable Hero/Companion!

Story and specific settings:
- story will start in Nortander.
- you will meet and "work" for different houses there in a Game-of-Thrones like story of intrigues and such
- Along with Player's character growing stronger the story evolves to more epic dimensions, e.g. exploring ruins from the Shapers and many more things not to be spoiled yet ... 

Graphics, atmosphere, gameplay:
- more "adult", more "real" than SF1 and 2.
- deeper gameplay in every dimension
- 2 player co-op campaign!
- many multiplayer modes (like SF2 DotP)

- When it's done and bug free(!), probably end of next year.


Official page:

Story Edit

It is the year 518, before the Convocation. The rebellion of the four royal houses against the crown of Nortander instigated by a renegade mage has been quashed by the Queen with the help of a loyal house, but it was a Pyrrhic victory; the war has devastated the country and public order has broken down in many regions, where the law of the strongest now reigns. As if that wasn’t enough, the Queen was seriously injured in the last battle of the war and has been lying in a coma ever since, so the supreme commander of the royal forces is now in charge of state affairs either until she awakens or dies, in which case her niece will step up as her successor. The Lord Marshal rules with an iron fist in his attempt to restore stability to the country and has, among other things, used magic, which is prohibited in Nortander unless under exceptional circumstances.

But there is a glimmer of light in these dark times. There are growing signs that Aonir, the Godfather, has returned to Eo. Increasing numbers of people are looking to Aonir as the only God, and pray he will lead Nortander to another golden age.

Although your father was one of the rebel mages, as a member of the royal army you have remained loyal to the Queen. Will you uphold your responsibilities toward Nortander?

Spellforce 3 Gameplay Gamescom 201406:18

Spellforce 3 Gameplay Gamescom 2014


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