The Nameless are an demonic race of warriors first appearing during SpellForce 2: Faith in Destiny and following in SpellForce 2: Demons of the Past as main antagonists. Almost nothing was known about them until they attacked the realm of Fiara and it was the Shaikan people who were first completely in taken by surprise.

Origin of the NamelessEdit

Other than regular people the Nameless tribe consisted of catching the souls of the fallen ones and defile them to a demonic soul that would fit their means. Almost all of their units are formerly human, elven or other living beings' souls that had been changed for the worst. Their story and their motivation remain mysterious and were kept in the dark. With their might, their speed and their relentlessness they made dangerous foes in the campaign.

Nameless unitsEdit

The following list sums up all units available for the nameless tribe. Please note that special units such as named individuals with not be listed here. Also there will be no stats given since the stats differ per level.


Nameless Lifeless

Without life and without will, but driven by a deep desire to serve, the lifeless are the perfect worker for the Nameless. With their own small amount of magic, they summon buildings from the bowels of the earth and collect necessary resources.

Special Stats: None


Nameless Damned

When a soul is caught it gets twisted and turned, so that the Nameless can feed upon it. But some of those souls develop such an immense furious energy that they take form. These furyborn forms are the Damned. In self-destructive manner those creatures hurl themselves into battle and often enough they are the ones who prevail.

Special Stats: Fast Movement

Abilities: None


Nameless Chosen

They are the most grim among the Nameless. They feel themselves chosen by their dark god, called up to destroy all living and to send their souls into perdition. Ancient runes cover their body and bestow upon them great power, speed and a sheer insatiable lust for battle.

Special Stats: Fast Movement, Fast Attacks

Abilities: None


Nameless Spike

Spikes are the perfect hunters. Their body is strewn with countless razor-sharp needles. As Snipers or in open combat they cover their enemies with waves of fire, because their spikes ignite upon impact and don't just do damage to the unfortunate target but even to the surrounding units.

Special Stats: Ice Immunity, Shadow Sight

Abilities: Fireball

Soul ScreamerEdit

Nameless Soulscreamer

For Aeons the Nameless possessed power over fire. Their warriors and mages underwent intense rituals to honor the fire and to strengthen their own might. The Soul Screamers even went so far as to assimilate the fire into their body and soul. Within their towers they torture lost souls over eternal fire until nothing remains of them but a long, painful, screaming cry. In battle the Soul Screamer hurls the fire burning within him against his enemies as huge fireballs.

Special Stats: Fire Immunity

Abilities: Fireball


Nameless Soulbender

Little is known about those fearsome mages of the Nameless. Because wherever they turn up, everyone - young or old, Human, Dwarf or Troll - he must follow them, as their strange singsong, hissing but tempting, charms the one that hears it, so that he can't but follow him and even fights for him. But who follows the Soul Bender into their towers, those souls are lost and enslaved forever.

Special Stats: None

Abilities: Charm


Nameless Bazun

The Bazun summons its power directly from the forces of the earth. Given its size and weight it already makes a fearsome enemy on the battlefield. But when it starts hurling huge projectiles of concentrated earth magic onto scores of enemies, only the strongest and bravest will overcome.

Special Stats: None

Abilities: Rock Throw


Nameless Doombringer

Dark legends are told of a creature so abysmally evil and ugly that it is only known as The Offender. Empowered by the hatred it feels for every living being, grown through the fear of its enemies and the joy to kill, the Offender is the most terrible creature the Nameless can summon up. Deep in the bowels of one of their towers, the Offender is called upon and breaks loose on the unknowing attackers, once the tower is destroyed.

Special Stats: None

Abilities: None


Nameless Erupt

Like an Eruption he stands there, the Titan of the Nameless. When sighted in battle, he creates fear and terror in his enemies. Where his gigantic fist strikes, nothing remains. What his boulder like feet scrunch, forever bites the dust and whoever hears his piercing scream, their soul takes massive damage.

Special Stats: None

Abilities: Mind Scream

Individuals within the NamelessEdit

Although being somewhat paradox there are some named and powerful individuals within the Nameless tribe's ranks. The most important ones will be listed here.



Zazhut as shown in a concept art

The demonic overlord, Zazhut, was leading the Nameless from a place beyond time and space where he was locked up by the Guardian Gods at the dawn of time. He was eventually freed and brought Fiara to the brink of being completely devastated. He was a being with a power close to that of a god and completely unstopable by mortal means. The Shaikan were able to enter the lands of the gods and persuade them to help against the fight with Zazhut so he was sealed once more together with his nameless minions.

Trivia Edit

  • The Offender is also named Doombringer in the game an possesses one of the strongest base attacks among all units of the game.