The small Shaikan army would soon be defeated if they only relied on the power of their dragon blood. And even their good equipment and adaptability do not decide each battle. The real strength of the Shaikan is the cohesion of their units, the closeness with which they operate their quickness to act and their readiness never to leave behind one of their small number on the field. Standard bearers always march with each Shaikan unit. They do not only pass on the orders of the commander to the troops, but more importantly carry the blood red dragon banner high over the heads of the troops for everyone to see. These banners keep reminding each Shaikan of what he is fighting for, and in the thick of the battle for them it represents the blood red sun of hope. As long as the banner is visible up in the sky, there are still Shaikan fighting.

Experienced Standard Bearers even have the possibility to learn the Call of the Dragon in the Halls of Teaching. It kindles the fire of the dragon blood and thus multiplies the fighting power of the Shaikan hearing it.