In SpellForce 3 lots of abilities and attacks will not just deal damage or restore health to a target. Instead most of them will grant effects that last for a longer time and that have effects during that period. This is important to know because some abilties even benefit from having another effect already onto a target, e.g. Deathblow deals lots of more damage to a target that's currently stunned.

This article will present all status effects currently known in SpellForce 3.


These are status effects that are to be considered positive effects to the affected unit.

Status Regen


Allows rapid regeneration of health.

Status Haste


Increases attack and running speed.

Status Armored


Increases all resistances.

Status Invulnerable


Completely avoids all damage taken.

Status ImmuneSilence

Cannot be silenced

Immunity versus silence debuff.

Status ImmuneInterrupt

Cannot be interrupted

Immunity versus interruption while casting abilities.

Status ImmunityInstantKill

Cannot be killed instant

All effects that would kill instantly are ineffective.

Status ImmuneNegatives

Immune to negative effects

Unit cannot be affected by any debuff.


These are status effects that are to be considered negative effects to the affected unit.

Status Weakened


Decreases all resistances.

Status Impaired


Decreases attack and running speed.

Status Silenced


Prevents the target from using any abilities.

Status Bleeding


Inflicts additional damage over time.

Status Stunned


Target is unable to attack, move or to use abilities while downed.

Status Immobilized


Target is unable to move.

Status Apathetic


Target is unable to perform any action.

Status Deathmark

Marked for death

Target is inflicted with an effect that can kill instantly.


There are ways of removing effects from enemies and allies: Purging and cleansing. To prevent them from activating in the first place, enemy actions could also be interrupted.


If a unit is currently casting or preparing a spell, the spell will be cancelled without any effect.


If a unit is being purged, all positive effects will be removed immediately.


If a unit is being cleansed, all negative effects will be removed immediately.

Special effects

There are some effects which are only used by very few units and that are mostly quest-relevant or bound to campaign progress.

Status ArchfireInfused


Targets magical resistance is increased.

Ability effects

These are special buffs and debuffs relevant to certain abilities.

Status Rally

Rally (see Leadership ability tree)

Increases attack damage and (on rank 3) adds siege damage.

Status Perseverance

Perseverance (see Leadership ability tree)

Increases all resistances and (on rank 3) makes immune to purge and interrupt.

Status Respite

Respite (see Leadership ability tree)

Increases focus regeneration and (on rank 2) gives health regeneration.

DW Mark

Dreamweavers Mark (see Ianna's Dreamweaver ability tree)

Target is marked by Ianna's Dreamweaver's Mark ability.

People specific

Each people in SpellForce 3 has a unique status effect to their own.

  • Humans have increased regeneration when out of combat and when being in an allied sector.
  • Elves have increased run and attack speed in allied or neutral sectors.
  • Orcs have increased run and attack speed in enemy sectors.