Steel Shore

In Steel Shore you lead your heroes only once more. But there is an exception – you can order the group of Ravages. You need them to destroy defensive towers of Malacay. Use your tested tactics

The entrance to the Malacay’s fortress The First gate The embranchment of the road Dragon Altars The Pentacle The Blood Temple

You find the Malacay’s hideout at last (1). You are given a quest: find Malacay and kill him. Follow him to the North. Your ally the Shadow gives you last favor – the group of Ravages joins your group. You can use them to destroy Malacay’s towers. Don’t even think about attacking it with your heroes. Towers are so powerful that it can kill your heroes with a few salvos.

Malacay gathered the army of his new pupils: Malars. Single units are not dangerous to your party. Use Ravages to destroy towers and in the meantime let your heroes to kill all Malars. Than the gate to Malacay (2) is opened. He summons new Malars and run away. Follow him to the North. Use still the same tactic: heroes kill Malars, Ravages destroy towers. When you reach the embranchment (3) go one side only. Do not try to destroy towers on both sides – there are too many of them. There are no chests and items in this location so you don’t have to explore the area. Beware of Malar’s raids – they are attacking you constantly. They are quite strong in groups.

There are some places you can destroy the tower without losing the Ravage. Try to attack with Shadows so that other towers cannot shoot them.

Go to north North until you reach the chamber where Malars come to existence. You have to destroy Dragon Altars (4). Use Ravages if you still have some.

When you destroy the first Dragon Altar Mordecay’s Blood Ghost and a few Malars attack you. Every time you destroy Dragon Altar you have to face the ghost of one of your heroes.

Malacay observes your battle hidden behind the magic shield. When you destroy the last Dragon Altar Malacay escapes. A quest is given to you: light fires on the pentacle in the correct order (5) to get to the Blood Temple. Then kill Malacay. To light the fire you have to move your hero close to the correct place. This is the correct order: West, Southeast, North, Southwest, and East. The portal to the Blood Temple (6) is opened. Enter it to face Malacay for the last time.

Quest solved: follow Malacay to the North

Quest solved: light fires on the pentacle in correct order to reach the Blood Temple

This is very long and tough fight. Malacay is extremely immune to your hits and he is teleporting constantly. You have to be patient and attack him without a break. Sometimes it’s a good idea to hide in the corner of the location to heal your heroes. Malacay restores some energy too but you do it much faster. Patience is the key to the victory. After the fight you can see the film ending the game.

Quest solved: kill Malacay

You finished the last chapter and the whole game as well. Following quests are solved:

The Secret Fortress: storm the Malacay’s fortress

Blood of My Blood: find and kill Malacay