Sfbow 2

The whole region is of the warriors of the lyre occupied. Because they're very pretty, clean the friends, only some minor storage. After a while they meet Janina, still with a bill to the Magician  Dunhan has openly and friends accompanied the. With their help, the friends get access to the village of Skerg . Their leader Hulu reported by the orc monument in the vicinity and within the existing village, empty Orc buildings. This builds Talianna force to one, with the lyre, they camp in the area occupying the. It also comes on the stock from Setrius and his rangers. This suggests the poisoning of Dunhans from water supplies to guards to weaken his lyre. On a mountain path our heroes get to the source and do this job. Then you open access to Dunhans camp and thus obtained support from the Rangers. So it is no problem, take stock and finally the Dunhan to face.Since this is cooperative little, takes on his Janina. With Dunhans soul stone in luggage, it goes back to the refugee camp in Mirraw Thur .