Sunder Blackhand was a human smith living in Liannon in SpellForce: The Order of Dawn.


Before the Battle of Fiara took place, Sunder worked as an apprentice with the smith Orthanc of Greyfell and they both created one of the greatest armor sets ever. They devoted the armor to Amra, a legendary warrior. However when Amra headed out to search for Lea, the artefact was lost.

When the future Phoenix Bearer came to the village, Sunder Blackhand first was a rather grumpy old man and was not very communicative. This changed when the rune warrior brought him the fish caught by Tyrgar Brannon and the rune warrior together. Sunder revealed, that he had some troubles with rune warriors but because she had helped him and Tyrgar, she was probably a good person and thus Sunder was willing to talk to her.

When the rune warrior later on learned about Amra's armor, Sunder was one of the first persons to talk to. He revealed that Amra had headed out for Lea, Shan Muir's sister. The rune warrior then was able to follow the trail of Amra and Lea and to get her hands on his armor.


The old dwarven axe dropped by the bandit leader in Liannon's south could be traded for a firesteel item. Alternativel it could be sold for some coins.

Quest involvement