Tahira was the protagonist within the quest The Lost Rune in SpellForce: The Order of Dawn.


Tahira was a former servant of Rohen and a Rune Warrior. At some point she decided that she would never serve anyone anymore.

Especially towards the mages of the circle she held a huge grudge. Thus after the Convocation she lived inside a small house to the northwest of the Ruins of Ankbrand.

When Caele came to Tahira's place, she killed off some wild cave orcs. After this she asked for help because her master, Rohen, had sent her to the Ruins of Ankbrand to search for a special rune, the one of the future Phoenix Bearer.

Caele and her companions were confronted with lots of enemy fighters and thus were forced to retreat. Tahira helped Caele in rescueing her companions Lev and Joshua from the orc fighters and was able to obtain the future Phoenix Bearer's rune from the orc warrior Krong.

She then gave the rune to Rohen who had appeared with the help of his magic. After this Rohen promised that Tahira now would be left alone and in peace.


  • After the prologue Tahira has never reappeared in any SpellForce game
  • It is unknown how Tahira had become free because she seemed to possess self-control about her own rune. Perhaps Rohen once freed her as well.
  • Tahira seems to have some connection to Caele, Lev and Joshua but which exactly remains unknown.