Tahira is the main character of the Prologue in SpellForce: The Order of Dawn. She begins at level 5, and will generally reach level 7 by the end of the prologue.


Tahira uses White Magic and Elemental Magic.


Tahira is a former servant of Rohen and a Rune Warrior. At some point she decided that she would never serve anyone, especially the Circle Mages, ever again. She somehow obtained her own

Tahira and Caele

Tahira and Caele near the house

rune and gained free will. At the beginning of the prologue she is living alone in a small house in the Prologue map.

Caele comes to Tahira's place, kills orcs. She asks for help, and tells Tahira that she and her comrades seek for a special rune. They didn's expect for Tahira's help, but, apparently, they couldn't handle the situation themselves. Caele barely reached Tahira, and Lev is injured. Tahira replies thay there's no choice for her but to help.

After she completes The Lost Rune quest, Rohen declares that they will never meet again.

So far Tahira has never reappeared in the Spellforce series.

Interesting facts Edit

  • Tahira is somehow connected to Joshua, Caele and Lev, but it's unknown, which kind of relatonships they have
  • Tahira wears a healers robe