The Crimson Empire is a cult that goes back to the dark elves' city of Shal'Dun, one of the big cities in the south of Urgath.

Background Story

The Uprising of the Cult of Zarach

The city Shal'Dun had hardly recovered from the Convocation when a huge mountain rose during the aftershock, spewing forth fire and finally destroying the city. Among the surviving dark elves there were some who believed this was a sign of Zarach and that they were his chosen ones.

These are the only ones of the Norcaine who have left Nor's paths of darkness and carry the fiery destructive rage of Zarach into the world. However not all amongst them worship fire, and thus there is a continuous battle raging among their ranks.

Legions of the Burning City

Consecrated in the flames of Zarach, the armies of Shal'Dun have given themselves over to fire and its destructive power. They obtain their red armor from the forges of the City of the Sun and their weapons have been blessed with fire by the priests of Zarach. They have dedicated their lives and their blood to the god of destruction but unlike the Orcs, they do not turn into raging hordes but maintain the strict discipline that makes the Dark Elves strong. They are the pride and the symbol of the Crimson Empire.

Gladiators of Elyn Muin

Since the days of the Six Nations' War the Dark Elves have followed the tradition of the three castes that each of their villages is divided into. Similarly, tradition has it that these castes are continuously striving for dominance over the Norcaine, and frequently it's one person's word against another's, and one person's honor against another's. Whenever a fight has become too fierce for an arbitrator to settle it, the Council calls to Elyn Muin, the ritual duel in the circle of drums. In the majority of cases, however, it is not those involved in the fight who will step into the circle but the best fighters of their caste, who have been chosen for this purpose only. These are the gladiators of the Norcaine. But Shal’Dun is not only suffering through the fight between the castes: Even the relations between the priests of Nor and Zarach are haunted by conflict and envy. Thus the city burns not only with the fires of Zarach, but is aflame with the mutual hatred of the Norcaine, and the drums of Elyn Muin can be heard day and night.

Assassins of the Moon Priests

Though the destiny of the Crimson Empire is mostly controlled by the priests of Zarach, the priests of Nor have not left Shal’Dun. They abhor those self-styled lords of the fire who trample on the traditions and the one true belief of the Norcaine. No longer powerful enough to stand up to the legions of fire, the priests of the night are secretly hatching plans and forging weapons to overthrow the cursed priests of fire.

The troops of the City of the Moon where the priests of Nor are still in power tend to step back and leave the front rows to the Legions of the Fire, preferring to kill deliberately and secretly but not only the enemies of the Crimson Empire alone.

Quest Involvement

SpellForce: The Breath of Winter

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SpellForce: Shadow of the Phoenix

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Units of the Crimson Empire

Noteable People

The following persons are noteable individuals within the Crimson Empire

  • Fial Darg
    The prince of darkness abducted the elven queen Cenwen and led the Empire
  • Grim
    The human rune warrior was serving the Fial Darg and opened the gate of Mirraw Thur for the Empire.
  • Dracon Arach
    Persecutor of the Mirraw Thur refugees in Frostfall
  • Dracon Sohal Za'hal
    Oppressor of the Mirraw Thur orcs after the invasion of the Empire
  • Shar Arduin
    The warrior of the Sinistra Caste of Shal'Dun was a powerful warrior and defender of Zarach.

Regular Army

Now following is the regular army units of the Crimson Empire. They are originated from the dark elven units but do have red accents. Also due to their devotion to the god Zarach, they are highly resistant to fire magic.