East of their Bullwark island The Needle lies the home of the orcs of Iron Storm Clans, The Gate of Swords.





The Iron Fields
In the North, near the Gate of Swords in the Northern Wall.
The Needle
Near the camp of the Black Fangs


Uglan Mountain
Residence of the Iron Lord.


The ClansEdit

To the Swordwall
Old Enemies
Through the Gate
The Iron Lord
Shadow and Light
You have to find out more about these strange enemies, the Shadows. Perhaps then you will find a way to fight them.
Until now Nightsong has faithfully accompanied you and now she will try to win the clan for her own needs as well as our cause. She has had to deal ith the Shadows before so perhaps she knows soemthing about them.
The Freetraders
Nightsong believes the freetraders near the town of Karach might know more about objects or spells that can make the shadows visible. Freetraders are vagabonds that gather a lot of knowledge on their journeys.
Zaza's brother Mordecay, who you've met before the Bullwark, has been sentenced to death by the Iron Lord for his treason at the Needle. Talk in his favor as Zaza will not speak with you about the Shadows until he is free again.
Zaza's Order
Mordecay was save by your Shaikan blood. Bring Zaza the news so she might speak with you.
The Messenger
Zaza send you to The Messenger, a former Rune Warrior who fought against Nazshar together with Nightsong. He knows a way to make the Shadows visible for you.

The Shadow RingEdit

The Shadow Ring is an object that makes the Shadows visible to you when you wear it. Such an object would give you the opportunity to fight them, instead of being easy prey.

A Question
The Messenger doesn't know anything about a hiding place for the Shadow Ring. But they were made once, and whoever forged them then might still be able to forge others like them.
Kor's Oracle
SInce you don't know where to start looking for a Shadow Ring you might as well ask Kor for advice.
The Oracle
Kor has told you about an oracle that answers one quest per year who might be able to help you in your search. This oracle lives up in the mountains to the west and if you are lucky it is awake.
The Test
Mardrag, one of Lokhar's menials wants to ask the Oracle about you intentions, but letting him do so would use the one question per year the Oracle allows. To decide who wins the Oracles favor and receives an answer it proposed a test. The first to gather 4 white lenya flowers, from seven plants suurounding the hill, will receive the Oracle's favor.
To Uram Gor
The Oracle has told you the three Shadow Rings have been lost and you have to create a new one in the Fire Forge. To get there you need to travel through Uram Gor, the fire plains that even the Shamans dread. The portal to Uram Gor lies in the southwest.

Side questsEdit

The right Twist - Mauser's eveil empire
On his search for the explosive powder Professor Twiddle got lost in a secret base of that scoudrel Mauser. Lela, Twiddles assistance needs your help in rescueing the professor.
Look for professor Twiddle
The professor set out in the direction of the Fireforge, in a part of the dwarven town there Mauser set up a laboratory where he experimented with beasts and worse things. If the professor is alive he is probably trapped there.
The Black Legion
The Black Legion was the elite force of the Dark Ones in the War of the Six Nations. Their armor and weapons were crafted under the instructions of the Fial Darg and counted among the best, with only the armor of the Iron Falcons to rival it.
Call the ghosts of the Black Legion
Morca gave you his old sword, which originates from the time of the War of the SIx Nations. He believes it's magic should be able to call the ghosts legionaires of the BLack Legion from their graves if you drive it into the ground at an old battleground.
The Grey Family - Letho
The Grey family is one of the richest in the Highmark, with much of the best land around Rushwater Downs belonging to them. But recently they've given everything away and it seems they've travelled to the Gate of Swords to escape an old curse.
The curse is a pact with a demon, for thirty years the Greys had all the luck and wealth imagianble and now their time is up and the demon will come to claim their souls. But the Greys have done harm to many and now seek find peace before the end, each in their own way.
Letho Grey wants to apologize to Kara, the builders daughter, whom he took advantage off and then defamed. He also s ask you to find a man of Sevenkeeps whos live he ruined with lies and bribery.
The Grey Family - Myra
Myra regrets the time she wasted in vanity and lavishness and asks you to paint pictures of places she can no longer see, the house of the Grey Family near Connach, a view from the Needle, the Silent GLade in Sevenkeeps, the magnificent Fire Forge and the mysterious Magnet Stones.
The Grey Family - Sara
Sara is full of fighting spirit and asks you to bring her a shard of magnet stone for her to forge a sword from to be used against the Lord of Fire.
The Grey Family - Nyano
Nyano want to end with style and spirits, preferable the kind the dwarves of Uram Gor know how to brew so well, dwarven brandy.
The Grey Family - Dario
Dario has asked you to return to Marcus, a trader in Sevenkeeps, the things he stole from him.
The Blood Feud
Since the days of the Iron Storm the Black Fangs have been in a blood feud with the Storm Blades, who's leaders used evil sorcery to escape. TO this day the unredeemed revenge has dishonoured the Black Fangs. Do what Kor could not, find and kill the five leaders. Lakash is the first.
The master archer of the Storm Blades fled to the west of the Gate of Swords. Find him and return his head to Undar. But beware, he has unnaturally strong wolves as companions and their fangs and his arrows are strengthened with an unholy power.
Tzang:Find Tzang in the Burning town of Uram Gor, but beware, he knows how to hide and then strike from behind.
Orag, the shaman, is one with the Fire, be sure to extinguish the flames in his environment, for they give him power. Study his firy servants and choose the ones to attack wisely.


Things to attackEdit

  • The Dark elves have a camp in the northeast, sporting the usual necromancers, sorcerers, blades and arachnides.
  • The central area of the map is swarming with undead.
  • Elementals, humans and a Dragon bring variation to the bestiary.
  • With a few exeptions the orcs on this map are not for attacking.


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