Well, once the watchmen gods fought here against the Fial Darg, the princes of darkness, in the war of the six nations. When the great army of the dark ones came marching up here from the south, the watchmen tore up the land. They raised the wall - a downright insurmountable rock wall. But the Fial Darg drove their hordes untiringly against the rock while the guards and the armies of light sent death cascading down upon them. Finally, the dark ones managed to storm the wall. A battle came about between the watchmen and the Fial Darg. The Fial Darg were conquered, but the gods' wall remained intact. The winds of time have chiselled at it and carved steps and cracks in its countenance. In the convocation war, this was the border between the lands of Hokan and Uram. Both of them were locked in bitter hostility. Today it is one of the few places in this area where a little farming is still possible.