The Invincibles are two very tough creatures, they are the two hardest monsters in all the Spellforce games.

The Invincible


The Invincibles are the guardians of the Zerbite treasures.


When stepping through a portal in the Clockwork Crypts, you are teleported to a room with lots of chests which need elemental coins (Air, Earth, Fire and Water) to unlock. But as always, the generous chests are always guarded by monsters. In this case, it are The Invincibles.


The Invincibles have 5000 health, and are immune to spells. Also, every 2 seconds its health regenerates with 100. Luckily, they can be separated. With a level 50 Black Mage with Necromancy 20 and 6 Blades, it takes 20 minutes. For Warriors and Archers, it is almost impossible to kill them, due to the fact that he does lots of damage too. Every hit of the Invincible can cause Fireburst. This is definitely the hardest foe in all of Eo.





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