The Iron Fields are the homeland of the Shaikan.


Shaikan Fortress- Far to the north-west

Order Stronghold- Far to the north-east


The ancient fortress of the Shaikan, home of the Patriarch, the dragon Ur, lies on the mountains in he far northwest. Below it's walls lies the Village of Shaikur. The portal to Norimar lies witin it's walls.
Grimroot Forest
An old forest, home to many Treants. There is an Eldar Groove and a journeystone.
Iron Falcon Outpost
In the moutains in the northeast the Iron Falcons maintain one of their outposts.
Realm Outpost
In the center, near the breach in the border wall lies a small realm outpost.


The Portal in the Shaikan Fortress leads to Norimar, home of the Iron Falcons.
The Needle
In the southwest, south of Grimroot Forest and west of the Realm base in the south lies the portal to heights in the eastern parts of The Needle.
The Gate of Swords
On a ledge above the sea in the southeast lies the portal to the homeland and the clan of the Orc Kor.
On a ledge, north of the portal to The Gates of Swords lies the portal to the fortress of the Norcaine.


Portal to the Needle
This journeystone lies in the southwest, near the Portal to The Needle and southeast of Grimroot Forest.
Eastern Coastal Pathway
In the east, near the beginnen of the path leading along the coast north into the mountains.
Forest Shrine
Near the Shrine in Grimroot Forest.

Quests & Strategy Edit

Coming HomeEdit

Your brother Bor has been looking for you on his way home. You should pick up your sister Lya on the way home.
The Blood Ritual
Lya was killed by the Dark Elves, use the Shaikan blood ritual to resurrect her.
The Pact Attacks
Strangely changed dark elves have attacked Lya. they seem to be part of a larger army threathening your homeland. Take the warning of the dark elves' attack to your people
It appears one unchanged, dark elf was hunted by the others, if you manage to save her life she might be able to tell you what is going on.
Peace had ended, war has indeed come to your home. Light the fires in the east to warn your people and hopefully they'll be able to retreat safely behind the walls of Shaikur.
Help from the humans
It is too late, the village near Shaikur is already surrounded and under attack. You must try to get help from a nearby Realm outpost.
Break through the ring
Recruit troops and destroy the enemy forces besieging the village.
Ur, the patriarch
Proceed to Ur, at the highest point in the fortress, and inform him of what happened.

Nightsong and the message for the KingEdit

To Norimar
Accompany Nightsong on her journey to King Ulf. But first take word of the attack on the Realm to Baron Ortbrandt in Norimar. He and his Iron Falcons know the Shaikan and will probably listen to you and provide an escort to the King's court.

Rescue for the Iron FieldsEdit

Against the Shadows
When you arrive at the Iron Fields you find the old border wall destroyed and Shaikur besieged. But the more urgent problem are the relentless attacks from the Shadows.
The pact attacks on your Headquarters come from the west and the east, with the latter generally more intense. To defend your headquarters the Shaikan and the units you received can be positioned slightly west and north of the headquarters. A stonemason at the western edge of the stone deposit will also be protected then, while the smeltery in the east of the valley never comes under attack. A couple of towers with elven upgrade will increase the longevity of the defensive forces.
As soon as the first waves of have been repelled it is time to go into the offense and destroy the two enemy camps, as the continuing attacks and lacking resources will wear down your army and prevent any form of 'sitting it out'.
The camp to the northwest uses stone and silver and capturing their resources is a viable tactic. These can be reached going west from the HQ, then northwest when near the portal to The Needle, and then after crossing the river, turning east towards the western of the two camps.
Their mining operation is undefended and easily taken by the Avatar and a dozen workers to build a stonemason, smeltery and towers, while the main force and remainig Shaikan defend your HQ. Before the western camp runs out of silver they will likely be able to build a Titan to join in an attack on either your HQ or the captured resources. After this there should be little problems in expanding your army and flattening the enemy camps.
Council of War
The attacks from the shadows will cost a lot, you will have to find a way to compensate for their ability. Discuss the situation with your companions, Io and Falkmar.
Griffons to the Outposts
Send Griffon riders to the outpost the Falcons have in the north-east and coordinate your efforts with them.
A sacrifice for the Treants
Io suggest there might still be Treants in the Grimroot Forest and asks you to sacrifuce 1000 lenya plants at the altar in the forest. This old ritual, known as Elen's Call, will wake up the Treants, who's ancient eyes have the ability to see the truth in all, and even the shadows can not hide from them.
The Lenya can be obtained at the Falcon outpost, send the Griffons you received at the start to the outpost in the northeast, liberate the workers and start gathering lenay.
Elen's Call
Go to the shrine in the west of Grimroot Forest and perform this ritual. Hopefully the magic of the altar will call and wake up the Treants of Grimroot Forest.
Be prepared to defend against one more large attack from the enemy, once you've completed the ritual. After this you are free to move north along the coastal pathway.
Shaikur, the ancient fortress of the Shaikan has been besieged and is occupied by Sorvina's forces and Ur seems to have been defeated. Storm the fortress and drive the attackers away.
Storm the Fortress
Even Ur's fire could not drive the Pact sieges away and now Sorvina appears to have conjured a monster to defeat the Patriarch. Break through the blockade at the old border wall and free Shaikur.
The force protecting the blockade should not pose a big problem, but keep your new Treants out of the fight as they can be hurt badly by the enemies firemages. Work your way to the village and Shaikur, destroy whatever forces attempt to resist and continue untill you reach the top of Shaikur.
Golgalath has devoured your family, even their blood could not save them from this monster. He will pay for their deaths, and after him his mistress Sorvina will pay as well.

The ClansEdit

To the Gate of Swords
Now that your bond with the Highmark was broken by Malacay you have to look for new allies and The Clans, who have turned away from the Pact, are the only hope for a new alliance. Travel to the Gate of Swords and contact Kor.


This is the tutorial so the characters you meet wont be able to see again. But the ones you see is:

Things to attackEdit


You get a pre-build bases on this map the first time the primary story brings you here, headquarters and workers the second visit. As usual most resources are near to the base.

During Coming Home the Realm camp has stone and silver deposits near to it's headquarters. The camp during Rescue for the Iron Fields has stone near the headquarters, and silver further to the east. Additional stone and silver can be conquered from the Pact camp to it's northwest. Lenya fields and more workers are in the Iron Falcon outpost in the northeast and can (iniially) only be reached with flying units. The resources at the center Realm camp may still available during Rescue for the Iron Fields.

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