In Magnet Stones you may recruit Orcs and Trolls. I suggest recruiting Trolls only. Form groups of Devastators and Hurlers. Basic Orc’s units are useful only at the beginning of scenario; you may also recruit a few later, when you lead your troll army in the area. As usual the most difficult is the beginning of scenario. Use the same tactic as ever. Remember to have a large number of Hurlers because your enemy uses a lot of flying units. Hurlers are universal soldiers, they can attack all kinds of units.

The portal to the Gate of Swords The Troll’s village/your headquarter The landscape of Magnet Stone The Undead camp nr 1 The Undead camp nr 2 Leaders of the Undead Itza The Mosaic The portal to the Crater 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15. Journey Stones

Go back to the Gate of Swords and enter the portal to Magnet Stones (1). You land in a center of the battle between the Undead and Trolls led by Ardar. You receive a quest: help to fight off the Undead attack and talk to Ardar. Kill all skeletons and talk to Ardar. Merchant gives you a few quests: stop the Undead from gathering Magnet Stones; destroy the Skull Castle and leaders of the Undead. Recapture the portal to the Crater and enter it. Ardar gives Trolls under your control and goes back to the freetraders camp. 

Quest solved: find the forgotten portal to the Magnet Stones and enter it

Quest solved: help to fight off the Undead attack and talk to Adar

Quest solved (side quest): find Adar and help him to go back to the freetraders camp

Start to expand the base (2). Loot chests scattered around. West from your base there is a place you can paint (3). Do it and go back to the camp and gather soldiers. Try to clean the nearest area from monsters. You have to prepare your camp for an assault – build a lot of towers and recruit large army. When you’re strong enough (it means very strong) you can counterattack. 

Recruit mostly Troll units. Gather a group of thirty Hurlers and Devastators and attack the base number one (4). After destroying it, heal your soldiers and attack the second base (5). Then start killing Magnet Stones harvesters. Do not attack the main base until you kill all harvesters. 

Quest solved: kill all Magnet Stones harvesters

Now you may storm the main base and the Undead chieftains (6). Kill following Skeleton Masters. When you kill the last one, the portal is opened. Before entering it explore the nearest area. You can find here a lot of useful items. Do not forget to take your army with you – there are a lot of monsters in the area. 

Quest solved: destroy leaders of the Undead and destroy their base

Quest solved (side quest): find the Magnet Shard for Sara Grey

There is a hill in the Northeast, you can find there Orc Itza (7). Kill him and his spider guards. Continue you searching. 

There is a strange mosaic on the hill in the Northwest (8). Check it and you are given a quest: put all fragments of the mosaic in correct places. The first fragment is just next to the mosaic. When you put it on its place a few Undead appears. Kill them all and you receive next fragment. Put it on correct place. Be sure you have enough number of soldiers because the Undead forces are very strong. Put all pieces until you solve the mosaic. When you’re done you are given a next task: defeat Master of the Mosaic. To do that you need really strong army (recruiting the Titan is a good idea). This is the last task for you in the Magnet Stones, you may enter the portal to the Crater now (9). 

Quest solved (side quest): put all fragments of the mosaic on its places

Quest solved (side quest): defeat the Master of the Mosaic

Before you go to the Crater solve a few side quests. Teleport your party to the Gate of Swords to the Grey Family. Give Myra all paints, and give the Magnet Shard to Sara. Now talk to Letho. After a while Lord of Fire appears. You may help the Grey in their fight with Lord of Fire. But do not count on any prize. They attack you if anyone survives. Kill them all and take items with you. Now go to the Professor Twiddle and give him the Magnetstone. A quest is given to you: find five pieces of Iridium and Lathanium Geodes. You are given a Magnetic Detector. You receive a task: find all pieces of the Black Legion armor. It’s hidden North from the Swordwall. Use the detector received from Professor. 

Quest solved (side quest): paint few pictures for Myra Grey

Quest solved (side quest): give the Magnet Shard to Sara Grey

Quest solved (side quest): give the Magnetstone to the Professor Twiddle

Quest solved (side quest): find the Magnetic Detector

Now go to Westguard. You have all items needed for forging magic daggers. Talk to Jandrim, who forges daggers for you. Talk to Halicos and give him orders 

Quest solved (side quest): bring Jandrim all items needed for forging magic daggers

Go back to the Gate of Swords. Go to the North from the Swordwall and seek for armor pieces and geodes. It becomes visible only when you come near so you have to search the area very precisely. When searching you may encounter a strange Skeleton. Kill Skeleton and take axe handle you can find on its body. When you find all armor fragments go to Morca. The blacksmith can prepare an excellent armor for you. Morca advises you to look for the axe cutting edge in other places. Now go to the Professor Twiddle and give him geodes. Unfortunately the Professor cannot use it now. He gives you a next quest: find the missing fragment of the Rohen’s portal. You have to look for it in the Shal. Now go back to the Magnet Stones and enter the portal to the Crater.