The Phoenix Bearer
The Phoenix Bearer is a legendary Rune Warrior who, together with the Shadow Warrior, destroyed The Circle and put and end to the Rune Wars in the year 15 after the Convocation. He got his name Phoenix Bearer through owning the Phoenix Stone.


The Phoenix Bearer served, like many other Rune Warriors, the Circle during the Convocation, more about his past is not known. However, we could speculate that he had server the Circle mage Rohen Tahir. Rune Warriors disappeared after the Convocation and no one heard anything of them.

The Order of DawnEdit

Because the invasion of the Blades was imminent, the Phoenix Bearer was reawakened 8 years after the Convocation in Fiara by Rohen. However, Rohen Tahir gave him his rune, and thus the Rune Warrior was the master of his own decisions. A messenger was supposed to take him to Greyfell, however this messenger was a traitor and guided him to another Circle mage. The mage gave the messenger a casket and a task; to kill the Rune Warrior. The messenger failed, whereupon the Phoenix Bearer took the casket and brought it to Sartarius. Sartarius made the Rune Warrior a member of The Order of Dawn and sent him after Rohen. The Rune Warrior stood against the armies of the Black Fist, which he battered. He was finally able to catch up to Rohen at Icegate Marsh.

The Rune Warrior told Rohen about the plans of the mage. Rohen told the Rune Warrior that this Circle mage wants to open a portal back in time, and gave him the task to look for Hokan Ashir, the most powerful necromancer to have ever lived, so that he could stop the blades with his help. However, moments later the Dark One appeared and killed Rohen. The mocked the Rune Warrior and disappeared soon after. The Phoenix Bearer went on his way to find Hokan Ashir.

His journey took him to the Darklands which were covered by Hokan's undead who were searching after the Mask of Belial. With the help of Urias, he destroyed the legions of the undead and found the mask, which he brought to Hokan in Whisper, who in turn gave him the knowledge how to stop the Blades. He told him of a Soul Forger which had to be killed in order to beat them. To kill the Circle mage however, the Rune Warrior had to find the Phoenix Stone which laid hidden in Mulandir. In Mulandir, the Rune Warrior was confronted by the guardian of the stone, who asked of him to bring him the four pieces of a magical masterpiece. After completing the task at hand, he came into possession of the Phoenix stone and went back to the Icegate Marsh. There, he found Urias and the dark elf called Craig Un'Shallach. Urias told him about the plan the Order had to make a way for him, about their failure and the capturing of Sartarius. Together, the fought their way through the armies of the Blades until they reached the Master of the Order. Sartarius told the Rune Warrior that the Blade are coming from Urgath, whereupon the Dark One showed up and killed Sartarius. He stole away the Phoenix stone from the Phoenix Beared and disappeared.

Enraged, the Rune Warrior followed the Dark One to Urgath. With the help of his Rune army, the Phoenix Bearer obliterated the Blades and the Soul Forger. He faced the Dark One who had already opened a portal that leads back through time. Before he stepped through the portal, he revealed himself to be a young Rohen. He claimed that with the help of the Book of the Convocation he could reveal it's secrets and thus, turn it in his favour. After stepping through the portal, he left the Rune Warrior astonished. However, the Rune Warrior understood that if he were to follow and kill Rohen, the future would change severely change. Through reading the book, Rohen came to reason. If he were to die, he would have never created the portals which hold the world after the Convocation. The Rune Warrior took the Phoenix stone out of the portal, and the portal crumbled. He then decided not to go back to Nortander, since he feared that someone could misuse the Phoenix stone and create more chaos. He disappered into far away lands, and was from there on forth known as the Phoenix Bearer.

Shadow of the PhoenixEdit

After the young Rohen departed, the Phoenix Bearer took the Phoenix Stone from the portal, de-activating the portal and wandered across Eo. He finally received a letter from Darius, telling him to go to the Blackwater Coast and he did so. But he found no one there, only a knight of the Order of Dawn in distress as well as a small detachment that had created a safe heaven for their Order and traders. where he saved Urias from the undead, returning to the heaven Urias stated he too was looking for Darius. defeating the undead that had been plaguing the land and pursuing an undead "creature" through the portal. fighting through the Onyx shores against the murderess bandit company called the Hazim, the Rune Warrior slaughtered them all and continued forth onto Empyria, there he met with Alyah Arias a master thief, princess of the empire, daughter to Magnus Arias the Emperor of Empyria. She helped the Phoenix Bearer in entering the Dryad Cove where he received the Dryad woman's advice. the Rune Warrior also came face to pincer with an old friend, the Spider Master. (continues)

Shadow Wars Edit


Demons of the Past Edit

When Shaikan Elder meets Shadow Warrior in the Shadow World, where he can convince Nightsong to become shadow, or live again and come back to lead the Norcaine, Shadow Warrior mentions that he was having affection for Phoenix Bearer, but becouse of his condition he run away from their travels together, and left her.
The Phoenix Bearer — artwork

Trivia Edit

  • Tahira is the one who found the Phoenix Bearers' rune
  • In Spellforce 1 gender and looks of Phoenix Bearrer can be chosen by the player, but in Shadow of the Phoenix expansion when the player choses to play from Insali[Shadow Warrior] perspective, Phoenix bearer gender is fixed to female.
  • Later in Spellforce 2 Demons of the Past it is stated by Insali[Shadow Warrior], that Phoenix Bearer was in fact Female, and she felt something for Him.
  • Many people Belived that Messanger from Freetraders camp in Gate of Swords from Spellforce 2:Shadow Wars was Phoenix Bearer, but in fact this is not truth. Messanger is another Rune Warrior we know, he is the protagonist from Free game mode.

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