Insali, later known as Shadow Warrior, is the main protagonist and a rune warrior in Spellforce: The Breath of Winter and also a possible protagonist in SpellForce: Shadow of the Phoenix. He also has a major role in the second SpellForce series, where he was no longer a rune warrior but instead turned into a Shadow through the Shadowblade.

Before Breath of the Winter Edit

Convocation Wars Edit

Insali is one of the rune warriors that fought in convocation wars, in that time he was brother in arms with Lena, and apparently Grim. But after many years of being unsummoned he does not appear to have much memory from that time.

Order of Dawn Edit

Insali does not appear or is mentioned in the base game.

Breath of Winter Edit

Some time after Phoenix Bearer, gave Hokan Ashir his mask, and defeated Soul Forger, Grim, and Lena both came to rune monument in Mirraw Thur to summon him. It was never specified how they got his rune but, both of them claim that they were his friends from Convocation wars, and though about him, and his abilities that could help them, and the Reffuges.Grim was little relucant on giving Insali back his rune, becouse he wanted to use him for his own goals, but Lena insisted on it.

Act I Edit

Insali quickly joined the resistance, and helped them reclaim Runes of two other warriors, friends, and old leaders of the Resistance. Dunhan and Reowys.

Dunhan became mad by his love for Janina, and his rivarly with his brother, Setrius. Some time before Shadow Warrior came to Stormcleaver Rocks, Janina died, and have been resurected by Dunhan.

After Janina was deemed by skergs uncurable, of her soul sicknes her only chance was to face Dunhan, who in anger killed Janina. Her freed spirit returned favor and killed mighty rune warrior, who becouse of his insanity became rune slave of Insali and Grim.

Reowys on the other hand went into different direction, he left for Echo Swamps. There, his rune was captured by black magician Whorim, who used Reowys as his personal guard, and one of his lieutenants for commanding his Orc, and Ogre army.

With the help from Hortar, one of officers of Whorim, Insali with Lena, and Grim, managed to defeat dark magician with use of special flute which got swamp crawlers to kill magician's elite units. Hortar payed ultimate price for it however. One thing that also should be noted about Echo Swamps is that this is the place where Insali first meets Hokan Ashir in disguise as ''Masked one" . Hokan offers help by creating special runes for Insali from essences he finds in his journeys.

With both, Dunhan and Reowys in group service, Grim announces that it is time to attack Ice elf city in Mirraw Thur, and free Cenwen, the ice queen. When resistance fighters attacked with the help of the rune warriors, Elves did not expected that, they werent prepared. With leaders like Insali and Grim, humans managed to defeat elves in town, and kill the high priestess, but nobody expected what was going to happen next after they release the queen.

Act II Edit

Lena took Grim last actions with a little of distrust, becouse high priestesses was going to warn them, and yet, Grim just killed her, and moved on on it. Even though she felt something is not right, they continued the plan and went for the cell. After opening the cell, they were struck by monstrosity called Fial Darg that was held here, not the queen.

Grim freed the monster, and after a little fight with Lena opened gates that were blocking Crimson empire from attacking these lands. Now, Grim escaped to Shal'Dun with his master to coordinate attack on light worshippers in Mirraw'Thur, and nearby lands of Urgath.

In time, Elune appeared, one of ice priestesses that Lena knew from the past. She pleaded her to save whats left from her people, and asked for protection in the lands of the ice elves. She relucantly agreed.

With Insali and Aedar leading refugees to the portal in the north for the bordering with Tirganach land called, Frostfall.

Trivia Edit

  • In Shadow of the Phoenix Campain, it was stated that the Shadow Warrior was male.
  • He appeared in some form in every expansion that was released after his introduction.
  • After he became Shadow, he had to follow orders from ''First Shadow"
  • Insali is the youngest of shadows, not including Determinant status from Nightsong, who can also became one in the end.
  • Altought he is the youngest of them, he had to obtain some position on the Shadow court, becouse in games he act, as leader of the Shadows, and Messanger of their ruler.
  • It can be assumed that his high position on the shadow court includes him, owning the Shadow blade.
  • In Spellforce 2: Demons of the past it was revealed that his real name was Insali.
  • After Soul-Carrier forged pact between the Shaikan, and the Shadows, and later Nightsong accepted them. Insali become her personal Guardian, and Advisor.
  • He had affection for Phoenix Bearer, and later Nightsong with latter he wanted her to stay with him, as a shadow.