The Shiel is the home and main base of operations of the house of Utran in SpellForce: The Order of Dawn. For ages the green grasslands and the small hills were prosperous and extremely resourceful and were one of the main reasons for the military strength of the Utranians.


After the supply lines of the Black Fist in Leafshade had been destroyed by the future Phoenix Bearer and Sergeant Einar, the time had come to return to the Shiel. However Sergeant Einar quickly noticed that something serious was amiss. The fortress of Utran had been taken and their soldiers were forced to retreat to a small camp to the northeast. The rune warrior and Einar headed there and talked to Captain Bahir.

After Einar had left, the Black Fist had started an even stronger assault on the Shiel than ever before. Additionally Lord Commander Tynar had been poisoned by a traitor and thus the utranian soldiers were unable to fight back the attackers within the confusion caused by the lack of commands. Captain Bahir took over the command and ordered the retreat to the camp. However he was unable to provide any fighters unless Lord Commander Tynar would recover.

Finding a Cure

The rune warrior went to Liannon through a portal or by using a bindstone. There she talked to the village healer, Shan Muir. She was able to identify the toxin as the Black Kiss and could provide a cure. When handing over the cure to Tynar, he would recover soon and provide enough soldiers to take over the elven monument.

Opposing the Black Fist

From there on the rune armies of the elves were supporting the utranian soldiers. However many enemies were besieging the Shiel such as human mercenaries, orc fighters but also some norcaine mercenaries. Camp after camp fell when the rune armies attacked and eventually the rune warrior was able to take over the fortress of house Utran once more.

Summoning the Dryads

The utranian soldiers and civilians headed back to their fortress but a scout then told Lord Commander Tynar terrible news. A huge army of orcs had come from the portal of the Wildland Pass. The army would be unstopable by common means. However one of the healers, Illirias, mentioned the old dryad cove in the east.

When sacrificing lenya plants there during night time, the rune warrior would be able to summon powerful spirits of nature to help in the fight. The rune warrior did as she was told and with the power of the dryads, the army was obliterated and the Shiel was finally safe from Brannigan's hordes.


The Shiel could be separated in three big parts. To the west there is some mountaineous region with lots of narrow passageways and hills. This is home to a tribe of wild minotaurs who had set up their camp there. Because of its seclusion and the easily defendable terrain the Utranians retreated here from the attackers.

When going to the west there is a long mountain pass leading from the elven monument towards a camp of the Black Fist led by Com. The orcs have used the great sight given by the mountains to establish an alert post system. Every potential attacker could be seen early on and would then alert the main base quickly.


Fortress Utran after its liberation from the Black Fist

When going to the south of the island the mountains became gradually less but there will be some huge crevices. The forest regions directly around the fortress Utran are extremely dense and were crawling with mercenaries during the Battle of Fiara. The fortress itself was build out of sturdy stone architecture and even the attack of the Black Fist was unable to dael permanent damage to it.


  • Wildland Pass
    Located in the far east behind a Black Fist blockade


Allied units

Hostile fighters

  • Com
    The orc leader of the Black Fist of the northeastern camp
  • Kargan Skorn
    One of the mercenary leaders to the center camp
  • Gonthar Thorme
    One of the mercenary leaders of the northern camp
  • Botar Hammerfall
    One of the mercenary leaders of the eastern camp

Quest involvement