The Shiel is an island controlled by House Utran. It is the home of Sergeant Einar.


When Einar and the Phenix Bearer arrive on the Shiel, they find the island invaded by Brannigan's forces and the fortress controled by the Black Hand. Einar leads the rune warrior to a small fortified camp where they meet Einar's superior and other peoples. After some explanations, the Phenix Bearer requires the help of someUtran soldiers to get his/her monuments back but faces a refusal : only Lord ... (forgot his name) can give the troops, but he is deadly sick, maybe even poisoned. You have two options to get to Liannon, where the healer Shan Muir resides : go raid the minotaur camp blocking the portal or 'cheating' and using the camp's Soulstone to teleport to Liannon. I highly suggest you take the second option ...

After having retrieved the Alfalfas Potion against the poison, the commandant will gladly give you some of his men to free the Heroes and Elven monuments. But be caeful : don't let the orc on the ford warn the main Black Hand camp. Otherwise, you're as good as dead. Kill the minotaurs keeping the Heroes monument, call forth your heroes and destroy the other minotaur camp. Place your heroes and the Phenix Bearer on the several entrances to your valley, build your army (I suggest you create only rangers. Even with the Wooden Shield upgrade, warders are still less useful than rangers because of their lack of range. Elves are not that strong in closed fights.), build towers near the ford to protect your camp from the Black Hand main camp and destroy all those annoying rogue camps on the map. Finish by the fortress because it will unlock the second part of the map.

Once the fortress is free, you will have to wake up the dryads of the bush near the portal to the Wildland Pass, because the army here is too much for you. You will receive the plan for the Lenya Gatherer. Use it to gather the 1000 lenya required to wake the dryads up. But don't forget : do it at night and preferentially around midnight. There is a large lenya field east of the fortress. Building the lenya gatherer here is definitely the best choice, rather than making several buildings on the multiple smaller fields you find across the island. Once you have the 1000 lenya and night has fallen, go wake the dryads and free the portal. You can also use the girls to raze the Black Hand main camp to the ground. It's less costy than sending your ranger army here : elves are weaker to fire magic and the camp has several Firestarters at the entrance ...

There is a quest here with the Utran Lord. I don't remember the reward but xp is always welcome.


The Shiel is a mountainous island with a small river to the north. There is a human village south to the elven monument and a dryad bush beyond the Black Hand main camp. Fortunately, a back way allow you to avoid it. The Utran fortified camp is located to the north west near the portal and the fortress is located to the south.


The Shiel is on the main road to the Wildland Pass and is tied to three islands:


There are several important NPCs.

Sergeant Einar has followed you home and will speak favorably of you to his superiors.

Captain Bahir is Einar's superior. Not so nice to you at first, he will later soften.

Lord Tynar is the leader of the Utran House and was poisoned by a traitor when the fortress was taken. His wife Shaera has gone missing and he will ask you to find her ...

Yllias (or something like that) is an apoticary who will give you the plan for the Lenya Gatherer. He is involved in the quest of the Sick Ermit.

Things to attackEdit

There are lots of rogue human camps who won't stop to raid you. Also, there is the Black Hand main camp which is big, well fortified and full of orcs. Once he is dead, you will find on their leader an object for the missing wife quest as well as two swords with a fireburst spell infused on them, the Flamedancers. And let's not forget about the minotaur camps near the portal to Liannon and the Heroes and Elven monuments.


There is a lot of wood in the shiels, as well as several small lenya fields. Perfect for an elve army. Also, near the human village, there is some stone, iron and fish. The wildlife is abundant and the elven hunters will like it.