The Winterguard is a group of ice elves who guard the city of Tirganach.

Upon the eternal glacier of the Frost Weaver, the priestesses of the cult of Aryn are guarding the sleep of the great winter dragon. They know neither leniency nor mercy in their duty, for should the dragon ever be awakened, all life would perish in the chill it spreads. Therefore the arrows of the ice elves of Tirganach do not discriminate between light and darkness anymore; the only thing that matters to them is their duty.

Subgroups within the Winterguard

Novices of the Order of Aryn

The city of Tirganach has been built around the big temple of the Aryn cult. This is where, in addition to the mightiest form of ice magic, the history of the alliance between the Elves and the Great Dragon is taught. The Aryn priestesses' path is not an easy one, for the rules of the Order are harsh. Having completed their novitiate, many of the priestesses join the Winterguard to use their skills for the protection of their sisters.

Archers of the Winterguard

Surrounded by Ork nations and threatened by the Crimson Empire from the south, the Ice Elves have formed the Winterguard, an army that has converted the glacier around Tirganach into a stronghold. The Ice-Elvish snipers keep watch on the ramparts day and night, and this handful of fighters has succeeded in beating off every single attack against the temple. Even the dreaded Crimson Empire has given up marching against the hail of arrows of the Winterguard and has locked the heavy border gates. But even the eyes of the Winterguard do not see everything, for their gaze is directed beyond the ramparts only.

The White Priestess

Every generation of Ice Elves brings forth one with a special affinity for ice magic, one who will attain the highest levels of this art. She will become the White Priestess, teacher to all the others. Even the high priestesses of the Order of Aryn bow to her. At the pinnacle of her art, her power is equal to the power of Aryn, and even the Circle Magicians, even the gods sense and respect the power of the White Priestess. And yet, in spite of all her magic, she remains an Elf, and this is something no wise priestess will ever forget


See below a couple of different units of the Winterguard in SpellForce: The Breath of Winter.

Note: Althrough being named like the regular elves, the units of the Winterguard often do possess different names and stats albeit having the same picture.