Brok Dalingar needed help to defeat a warrior's ghost near the old mine in the east of Liannon. The ghost had already slaughtered some adventurers who had tried to defeat it, so no one dared to go near it anymore.

When the future Phoenix Bearer came to Liannon, Brok warned her of the ghost. But the rune warrior proceeded and attacked it.

The ghost would attack in melee combat and if being wounded, it would use lifetap spells to regenerate health. With some pressure the ghost could be overwhelmed easily though.

The ghost would dissipate but leave behind a ring and a sword. The sword was given to Brok as a proof of the ghost being defeated.

When showing the ring to Brok, he would say, that the rune warrior should talk to the merchant Ortah Gelfbeard. When doing so, this would start the quest From the Deep.


Brok would give an advise when it is safe to fight the ghost. Usually he'd say that from level 5 onwards, it's safe. But if you've summoned your rune hero companion and completed Path to Eloni, then you should be strong enough to deal with him.