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The heart of the Pact consists of the Dark Elves, the people of the nightgod Nor, known as the Norcaine. The culture of the Norcaine has always been shaped by the fight between the two largest castes, the warriors of the Dracon and the sorcerers of the Archons. While the warriors are striving for an honourable life in the fight against the Light, the Archons are recklessly striving for power.

This striving made the current High Archon Toth Lar forge the bond with the Shadows with the help of his mother Sorvina. He gave a part of the power of life of his people to the Shadows and in return got the invisible Assassins who slaughtered his antagonists in the caste of the warriors within just a very short time. The honour of the Norcaine died along with these warriors. But the Dark Elves have been dragged out of their paralysis that was caused by this inner conflict and now they are ready for new campaigns.

The new allies of the Norcaine, the Shadows, are invisible in their normal form and only become visible when they want to or when their lethal blow hits its target. It is known that they came to Eo from another world, but nobody really knows their goals and plans.

The gargoyles are no real members of the Pact. They are bloodthirsty demons from the inner centre of the world that have been given a form by magic. Grateful for their new bodies and happy to quench their blood thirst at last they throw themselves into battles for their masters. Sorvina’s knowledge as an alchemist of the Silver Hand enabled her to join these creatures into the army of the Pact.